Your Dream Second Wedding On A Budget: Money-Saving Tips

wedding budget
photo credit: Isaac Torrontera via photopin cc
wedding budget
photo credit: Isaac Torrontera via photopin cc

So you’ve decided to get married again: this hardly means you can’t have the ceremony and reception you want! Do whatever feels right to you, and if you’re aiming to remain budget-conscious, check out a few money-saving tips that still allow you to have the wedding you always dreamed of. This is especially true if the first one involved a shotgun and a hound dog, or otherwise wasn’t up to snuff:

Plan a Sunday Brunch Wedding in the “Off Season”

Yes, mornings are rough, however you probably won’t get much sleep the night before anyway, so why not get married in the early hours?  Sundays are the cheapest day of the week to say “I do” and morning weddings don’t require a full open bar. Who’s getting drunk before noon, anyway? Serve beer, wine, soda and mimosas to save money, and opt for late fall and winter months, as that’s when you’ll get the best deals. Get married on a holiday weekend, such as Halloween, and save even more moo-lah.

Think Baby’s Breath–It’s Your Friend

Baby’s breath is an elegant, classic and affordable floral option. Use it in centerpieces and save a lot of cash…use your own vases and save more!

Go Multi-Purpose

Make the centerpieces the favors, such as the aforementioned baby’s breath placed in inexpensive vases from the Dollar Store. That’s just one example–pretty candies are another fabulous option, or assorted confections in lovely-yet-cheap takeout boxes.

Forget Tradition

This is your second wedding, so feel free to eschew tradition if you so choose. This can end up being a big money-saver–for example, button bouquets for the bridesmaids can be made at home and double as gifts! Need more ideas? Browse Pinterest and Etsy.

Do the “Raw” Thing

Even though you’re trying to save money, don’t skip the videographer, because you’re regret it. Like a lot. You’ll want this keepsake years down the proverbial road, especially the moments where guests wish you and your new hubby love and happiness. What you can do is ditch the edited DVD of your wedding. Such options often cut out moments you missed because you were posing for pictures with guests. It’s better and much cheaper to purchase the raw, unedited footage from your videographer, and it’s probably a lot more entertaining.

Make the Wedding Album Yourself

Photographers charge a pint of flesh to make your wedding album, so why not use one of the many sites that allow you to make your own? Even Costco does it! Forget paying more for that service, request a CD with your high-res images, and make your own through a site such as Blurb or check Groupon and Living Social for cool deals. While you’re at it, use a site such as Snapfish to print your own proofs.

Play the Vendor Field

Don’t book vendors just because your venue wants you to. They get a cutback when you hire them, and are going to push and push some more regarding recommended vendors.  Ask friends for recommendations instead, and read online reviews. Find the best vendor for your needs and don’t hesitate to negotiate. Remember, the vendor needs you, but you don’t necessarily need the vendor.

Take Advantage of Sample Sales

Most boutique bridal salons sell previous year’s dresses for the cost they paid for the sample, which is usually around $100.  Score! Don’t be drawn in by crazy sales, however–ensure it’s really the dress you want!

Dress to Impress, Not Put Yourself in Debt

Who says you need to buy a wedding dress at a couture shop? Only out-of-touch people, such as Kim Kardashian.  You can totally get a gown on Etsy, or even at a department store and accessorize the heck out of it! Splurge on details such as sashes, shrugs and jewelry when your dress is a mere few hundred bucks. David’s Bridal is great source, too.

Never Mind the Dates

It’s not necessary to give guests a plus one if your budget is super-tight.  If you have a lot of single friends and co-workers, seat them together.

You CAN Say No

Weddings are intimate occasions. You therefore don’t have to invite people who aren’t a part of your every day life or those you’ve seen maybe twice in the past year.  Your parents may pressure you to invite all distant cousins, but it’s not their big day, so you don’t have to listen to them.

Ask a Friend or Family Member to Officiate

A wedding officiant costs about $500, while a friend or family member getting ordained online costs nothing. Ensure it’s a reputable site and you’re good to go!

Use Seasonal Flowers

Using flowers in season, or pretty faux versions, is an easy, easy way to cut costs! Or maybe you have a friend with a few acres full of wildflowers–also a cheap and beautiful option.

Keep these tips in mind and plan the beautiful, budget-friendly second wedding of your dreams!

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