Vow Renewal: The Ultimate Style Guide For Guys

groom second wedding

groom second wedding

Trying to figure out what to wear for your upcoming vow renewal? A classic tux is always a great option, but plenty more are viable depending on the theme and location of your renewal. Let’s check out these awesome options in hopes of providing you with the inspiration you need:

Classic Black

Every girl’s crazy about a sharp-dressed man, right? A well-fitted suit certainly fits the bill.  If you’re planning an elegant evening, you might want to go with a black three-piece. Have it tailored to perfection and channel your inner Bond, James Bond.

vow renewal suit groom

A Softer Shade

Khaki, tan , light green or gray color all work for summer or spring. Soft colors also help contribute to that romantic feeling.


Pinstripes are all kinds of classic and add to a basic suit for a semi-formal event. If you want to add a lil’ personality to your ensemble, stripes are a great way to go.

Seersucker is another option for a breezy summer renewal–it’s lightweight, so you’ll stay cooler than if donning a traditional suit.  It also totally works for a beach or garden ceremony.

A Strong Base

What takes a suit from amazing to spectacular? A great shirt!  Practically endless options for color and material are available, such as a crisp white shirt with a black suit. However, a shirt with blue pinstripes and white collar and cuffs also looks great, as will a pastel shirt with a khaki or pale gray suit. A strong jewel-toned shirt combined with a black suit is elegant for evening, or you can pair a white textured shirt with a khaki suit for a fabulous beach look.

Tied Together

Accessories are a way to bring personality to your ensemble while also complimenting your color choices. Options include pocket squares, vests, and ties.  Go with all three or any combination you like, and don’t forget about texture and color!  A bright yellow tie with a khaki suit, for example? Delightful.  Or go for a cool gray pocket square and classic tie. A  fabulous tie that has a great tone on tone texture is another stunning option for a classic black suit. Even if you’re not planning on going the tux route but still want a bow tie, think one with a pattern or bright color.

Boutonniere groom vow renewal

The Boutonniere

Make your wardrobe choices stand out with a very masculine boutonniere. Options include peacock, pheasant or other feathers, as well as grains, leaves, grasses and berries. Wrap the bottom in a bit of white or colored ribbon for an elegant touch.


Even if you’re having a formal renewal, you can add spice with a pair of colorful socks or cuff links. Suspenders and or a hat also look amazing if ‘vintage’ is the theme of the event.

The Shoes

Shoes do add that special “something,” yes?  If wearing a dark suit, make sure to give your shoes an extra touch of shine.  If you’re planning a beach vow renewal, leather sandals work with a less formal khaki suit. You can also go barefoot if planning a beach-themed event!

Destination Perfection

Doing a backyard or beach vow renewal that’s all kinds of casual? Wear your shirt open without a tie if desired.  While this would look informal in other types of ceremonies, it looks great and adds to the relaxed feel of beach and backyard renewal events.

Add Nothing At All

Sometimes, you don’t need a one thing to complete a great look! If you’re found the perfect tux with the perfect fit, skip the boutonniere or pocket square if you wish.  Opt for a less-formal tie and you’ll be golden.

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