Top 5 Second Wedding Questions Answered

second wedding questions
second wedding questions


When planning a second wedding, there’s a few etiquette hurdles to overcome, whether one or both spouses have been married before. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly-asked etiquette questions concerning second weddings:

1) Should the Ex Spouse Be Told?

Yes. If a man or woman is engaged again, it’s common courtesy to let the ex know as soon as possible. This is particularly essential if children are involved, and it’s not the best option to tell the kids and the ex at the same time. It’s important to give both children and the ex the chance to react without anyone else present. Older children usually take the news best, but no matter what, all should be told privately.

2) What About Wearing White and the Father Walking Me Down the Aisle?

If you want to wear white and have your dad walk you down the aisle, go for it! It’s your wedding, so feel free to wear what you want, and incorporate family members as you wish.

3) Should Children From Another Relationship Be Involved in the Planning?

Yes, if you want! Remarriage is generally a time for new beginnings, which includes children from other relationships. Involving them in the planning process allows them to warm up to the situation as opposed to having to deal with everything on the wedding day. However, if the children don’t want to help, let it go for a awhile and ask them again at a later date. They might soften to the idea following their initial reaction.

4) Can I Ask My Parents For Financial Assistance?

Those entering second marriages are usually in good financial standing and don’t need parental help. Most parents want to help anyway, and there’s nothing wrong with accepting money if it’s offered.

5) Is it Bad Form to Register For a Second Wedding, Especially If the First One Wasn’t That Long Ago?

No! A wedding is a new start, and setting up a registry allows friends and family member to help and share in your joy. Even if you and your groom both ended other relationships right before you got together, you shouldn’t feel guilty for registering.

Hope this helps, and happy planning!

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