20 Suggestions for Blended Families

Blended Families Suggestions for Developing A Bond With Stepchildren

Stepparents may find it difficult to develop a strong bond with their stepchildren. Kids undergo a lot of turmoil when their parents separate and get divorced. Irrespective of the age and characteristic attributes of the kids, they are going to feel the change and they will always take time to adapt to their stepparent. As a stepparent, it is your responsibility to build the bridge and to have some camaraderie with your stepchildren.

While a new family should collectively endorse the top tips for stepfamilies to start gelling with each other, it is primarily the task of the stepparent and the biological parent to take proactive steps. Here is a blended family guide, rather a set of 20 blended family tips which shall help to get the process started.

  1. Be Positive about the Parent from the Former Marriage

  2. Anticipate a Wonderful Future

  3. Give More Than Is Necessary

  4. Find Reasons to Thank the Child

  5. Tell Jokes, Laugh Together

  6. Create and Maintain Secrets

  7. Go on an Outing Together

  8. Make Every Attempt to Be a Bright Spot

  9. Practice Giving Praise

  10. Be a Friend

  11. Believe in the Power of Love.

  12. Be the Parent You Would Like to Have

  13. Avoid Triangulation

  14. Be Flexible

  15. Play Age-Appropriate Games

  16. Look for Common Interests

  17. Be a Cheerleader

  18. Overcome Resistance

  19. Include Children in Your Plans

  20. Never Give Up

149You would notice that all the aforementioned top tips for stepfamilies pertain to simple efforts being made by a stepfather or stepmother. None of these blended family tips are demanding or out of the world. These are some things that any parent would normally do. The reason why these are highlighted in a blended family guide is because the kids haven’t been born to a stepparent and haven’t been with him or her during the initial years of their lives. They have suddenly encountered a new situation that they haven’t chosen and they do not understand fully.

family1249Taking the proactive steps as mentioned in these top tips for stepfamilies will not only help the stepchildren to get fond of their stepdad or stepmom but it would also help you as a stepparent to live a positive and an enjoyable life with your new family. Every relationship is an investment and there has to be some generous emotions and efforts from all parties involved but being the more matured person, the stepparent should take the lead.


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