Surprising, Mint Green Wedding Gowns

Mint Green Wedding Gowns

Surprise your guests and your groom in one of these stunning, minty green wedding gowns. They’re bring a bout of fresh and organic bridal beauty to your big day! Take a peek at these 7 sultry and romantic stunners and see if they inspire you!

Mint Green Wedding GownsNot only is this shade of green incredibly beautiful and soft, but the design of the dress is a showstopper too.

Mint Green Wedding GownsA warm, mint hue, tulle and gorgeous embellishments makes this ball gown one that no one can or will forget.

Mint Green Wedding GownsBeaded and beautiful, this red carpet-worthy design is ready for your formal, destination celebration!

Mint Green Wedding GownsFloat away and dance like a fairy in this whimsical and youthful design. Not to mention the beautiful, sherbet shade of green that will complement a variety of skin tones!

Mint Green Wedding GownsIf you’re looking for a more simple spin on traditional, try out this bridal silhouette in a rich green tone.

Mint Green Wedding GownsSexy and simple with a shimmer when you walk, we love this gorgeous gown!

Mint Green Wedding GownsWe love the details of this green, lacey gown and we’re imagining its beauty walking down the aisle in your outdoor, fall-flavored wedding.

all photos via Brides

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