Sultry, Silk Plus-Size Wedding Gowns

Silk wedding gowns have a certain bout sultry, sexiness that other fabrics just can’t evoke. And when any bride of any size and shape can where them, then you’ve got a hit on your hands. Take a look at this quick list of plus-size wedding gowns make with a beautiful silk texture and gorgeous accents.

Plus Size Silk Wedding Gowns

It hugs your curves and has delicate details around the neckline that will bring the eye up.

Plus Size Silk Wedding GownsA deep V-neck and capped sleeves makes this gown a gorgeous, contemporary choice.

Plus Size Silk Wedding GownsThis floral-embellished gown is perfect for any season of the year with its fuller-coverage and classic, bridal style.

Plus Size Silk Wedding GownsHere’s another modern choice with sleek lines and a beautiful, crystalled waistline.

Plus Size Silk Wedding GownsThe illusion-type bodice adds a certain bout of delicate appeal but sexy infusion to this flowing masterpiece.

Plus Size Silk Wedding GownsA peplum ruffle and the small infusion of Audrey Hepburn makes this contemporary piece an absolute stunner.

Plus Size Silk Wedding GownsSometimes simple is best, especially when it comes to silk ball gowns that move and flow down the aisle.

Plus Size Silk Wedding GownsThis gown is full of sultriness with its golden hue and sexy, sweetheart neckline.

Plus Size Silk Wedding GownsThe details at the top along with the flowing, ruffled skirt at this bottom will make this gown the perfect choice for wowing your guests and your groom.

Plus Size Silk Wedding GownsThis A-line beauty will look incredible on so many different sizes and shapes, especially with its cinching waist and whimsical skirt.

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