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If you ask anyone planning a wedding for a rundown of the top five causes of stress, choosing the bridesmaid dresses will probably be on the list. It is hard enough to choose the bridal gown, but trying to dress six or eight very different women for an event is bound to be stressful. We have put together some helpful tips to help you stop stressing about the bridesmaid dresses immediately.

Choose colors that are easy to work with

At Azazi, we work with brides from all over the world. We know the trends and we know the colors that are easy to work with. One color we recommend for a stress-free selection is blue. Our line of ink blue bridesmaid dresses and gowns are best sellers because they are elegant and beautiful. They flatter all body types and complexions. Whether matched with black or white lace, or silver and crystals, there is no wedding venue ink blue will not complement. We carry a wide range of styles from the simple and understated dress, to the elegant formal.

Give the bridesmaids freedom

If you are a very traditional bride and you want uniformity, then you need one dress. But if you are a more modern bride, you can allow your bridesmaids free reign to purchase a dress of their choice. Provide them with the color and the website to ensure the dresses will be the same quality and hue, but then allow them to make their own choice. Remember to instruct them to have their dress three months before the event.

Set a price range

You know your friends and what they can afford. It is unreasonable to expect them to make a purchase that is beyond their means. Speak with them and decide on a price range. We suggest a dress that begins at $150.00 but does not exceed $300.00.

Listen to your bridesmaids

You cannot make everyone happy, and that is okay. But it is not okay to be so difficult that the maid feels obligated to wear something that she has a legitimate issue with. If your bridesmaid is self-conscious about being large busted or wide in the shoulders, can you really expect her to wear a strapless dress and not be uncomfortable with her look throughout your wedding? Of course, the bride makes the final call, but listen and be willing to bend a bit for the feelings of those assisting you.

Same dress, different versions

Along those lines, consider choosing a dress but allowing your bridesmaids to choose the version of the dress that will look best on them. One may opt for sleeveless, while another goes with short sleeves or a halter dress. A taller person may opt for a longer hem, while a short person knows that will make her look like she is walking in a ditch and may go for an above the knee selection. Azazi makes finding the version of the dress easy. Your bridal party will be happy and your wedding will be modern and stunning.

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