Sparkling, Glittering & Silver Wedding Gowns

Bridal Wedding Pant Suits

Sparkle and shine down the aisle in one of these silver wedding gowns. They glitter, they wow and you’ll have a ball trying these beauties on. You second wedding or vow renewal calls for something extra-special and one of these could be the perfect choice.


Silver Wedding GownsThis design was made with all of the fun and fringe int he world. We are loving it’s icy nature and interesting textures.

Silver Wedding GownsThere is so much detailing on this gown that you won’t be able to stop your guests from looking.

Silver Wedding GownsChic, contemporary and one of the most traditional in the pack, this ball gown has a unique, vintage spirit.

Silver Wedding GownsThe fabric detailing of this gown make such a unique focus for the bride-to-be. We’re in love with the romanticism.

Silver Wedding GownsA beaded bodice and a voluminous skirt, this gown was made for a bride that wants to make a scene and loves a bit of drama.

Silver Wedding GownsThis striped, textured skirt and gorgeous, silver embellishments on the bodice come together to create a unique bridal look.

Silver Wedding GownsSilver shades, chevron prints and a red-carpet design is perfect for your vow renewal celebration.

Silver Wedding GownsThis is a silvery, blue ball gown that was made to be seen down an aisle and seen in plenty of gorgeous, memorable photos.

Silver Wedding GownsClaire Pettibone knows how to create whimsical and fairy-tale like gowns, such as this!

Silver Wedding GownsA textural, printed gown with a train that can flow on the dance floor, this piece is a showstopper!

photos via Brides

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