The Smaller Details and the Value of Wedding Favours


For those getting married for the second time, you will be highly aware of the incredible amount of planning and organisation that goes into a wedding. This previous experience will also be valuable in helping to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that it is a day that you, your partner and all your friends and family will never forget.

The Small Details

Although it is the large parts that inevitably take priority, such as venues, guest lists and the menu, many people getting remarried often notice that it is some of the smaller details which can really make the day something special and memorable. A few examples include the decoration of the church, the table centrepieces and the wedding favours. These details can inject colour, personality and charm into any wedding.

The Value of Wedding Favours

The importance of wedding favours should not be overlooked, as they are a way for you to show your appreciation to your guests for helping to make it such a memorable day. They are also a great way to add some fun and personality into the wedding and act as a souvenir for the occasion. Anytime that they see the gift, they will immediately be reminded of you and the special occasion that they were a part of.

Personalised Favours

One terrific way to impress your guests and show your appreciation is with personalised wedding favours. Personalised presents are always well received and it goes to show that thought and effort has been put into the gift.

Personalised wedding favour miniatures are a great choice, as you can get stylish labels made with their name on; this could include an image, the date, the name of you and your partner, as well as the guest’s name. a top tip is to get everybody’s drink of choice too. Favours like this can be purchased from suppliers like Just Miniatures. Whether they drink the beverage or not, they will be able to keep the bottle as a souvenir from your wedding.

Creating a Memorable Occasion

When you pay attention to the smaller details of the wedding, such as the favours, it can have a huge impact on the day and also show your guests how much you appreciate them being there. This is sometimes overlooked, but those that have married once before will be aware of just how important the smaller details can be and it is often these parts that you remember the most.

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