Silky Bridal Gowns For the Second Time Around: Part 2

If you’re searching for the perfect dress to renew your vows or for your second marriage, look no further. We’ve compiled some beautiful, silky bridal gowns that speak volumes on bridal style and sophisticated beauty. Take a look! Also, be sure to peek at our first roundup of silk dresses here!

j-mendel-wedding-dresses-spring-2016-011Silk from head-to-toe with a touch of textural lace, this is a classic and sophisticated style.

houghton-ja-wedding-dresses-fall-2015-009Even a 1970’s inspired gown can be made with a bit of posh, luxurious silk sewn in.

ivana-enzoani-wedding-dress-primarySimilar to the first on our list, this gown is a bit more youthful and contemporary.

kristen-gh10004-nicole-miller-wedding-dress-primarySmall details have this gown dipped in bridal envy, but it’s subtle make it a gorgeous candidate for a vow renewal.

nina-fj10003-nicole-miller-wedding-dress-primarySimple enough for a destination, getaway wedding and chic enough to still feel like the timeless bride you are.

athena_matthew_christopher_wedding_dress_primaryThis gown is a bit more formal, perfect for a second wedding that you’re willing to go all out for.

cassandra-bhldn-wedding-dress-primaryFeminine and sweet, the timelessness of this gown is why it deserves to be worn by all types of brides.

jenny-lee-wedding-dresses-fall-2015-005There’s a soft, Victorian essence behind this design but also a very powerful confidence as well.

delphine-manivet-wedding-dresses-fall-2015_020Say your “I do’s” all over again on the beach in this simple, sexy little number.

russell-kate-mcdonald-bridal-wedding-dress-primaryFeel like the ultimate bride in this gorgeous silhouette and imagine all the possibilities you may have when it comes to styling and accessorizing.

photos via Brides

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