Second Weddings: Alternative Ceremony Ideas

informal wedding ideas
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Planning a wedding that’s unique and memorable is no small feat. If planning a second wedding, you’re probably looking forward to skipping the woes associated with first go-rounds and getting to the part where you’re husband and wife. Whatever else, your second wedding should be a testament to your personal style! Let’s check out a few alternative ceremony ideas courtesy of Annie Lee, the founder and head coordinator of event planning company Daughter of Design:

Alternative Idea #1: A Destination Wedding

“[This] is a great way to do something in a different tone and environment,” says Lee. “It can be very distant both literally and ideologically from what you may have done for your previous wedding, so as not to draw any comparisons between the two events.” It’s also a great way to wed in a casual setting with close family and friends only!

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Alternative Idea #2: Skipping the Walk Down the Aisle

Why not start things off with a receiving line instead? Play your music of choice and stand together while welcoming each guest to the wedding. Once everyone has sat down, “you can have the officiant walk up to you and your fiance. Or [the two of you] can walk each other up to the altar to meet the officiant,” says Lee.

Another option is to skip the traditional setup altogether. “Have your guests stand in a circle, then you and your fiance enter the ‘heart’ of the circle,” suggests Lee.

informal wedding ideas
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Alternative Idea #3: Including the Children

There’s plenty of ways to do this! One of the simplest options is to “write children’s names in place of where parents’ names would traditionally go on the invitation,” Lee says. Word the invite so it suggests they’re giving away their parent. You could also ask your son or daughter to be your honor attendant, or have them participant in the actual ceremony by doing a reading — or officiating! In many states, becoming a temporary wedding officiate is very easy, and more and more couples are taking advantage of it.

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Alternative Idea #4: Including the Parents Sans the Walk Down the Aisle

If you want to skip the traditional father-daughter walk down the aisle but still want to include your parents, “you might use [your parents] as part of your wedding party or have them read something during the ceremony,” says Lee. Your father could also walk your mother down the aisle.

Alternative Idea #5: The Unexpected

Why not throw a surprise wedding? Simply select a date and venue, send out the invitations for another “event,” such as a birthday or holiday party, and surprise everyone who attends! You can still list the dress code on the invites, and you won’t have to deal with gift questions. It’s a win-win!



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