Second Wedding: Wedding Day Beauty Tips

wedding day makeup
photo credit: Sean Molin Photography via photopin cc
wedding day makeup
photo credit: Sean Molin Photography via photopin cc

Wedding Day Beauty Tips

As your wedding day quickly approaches, you are most likely beginning to create your wedding day look. This not only includes your wedding dress and jewelry, but also your makeup and hairstyle. All of this must come together to create the perfect look on your special day.

However, coming up with the right makeup look has a lot to do with your hair color. Did you know that the color of your hair looks better with certain makeup? If you want to have the most gorgeous appearance on your wedding day, you will follow these simple hair and makeup coordination tips. This will accentuate your most appealing features and make your look really pop.

No matter if you are a redhead or a natural blonde, you can coordinate your makeup style to match perfectly with your hair color. This will ensure that you look lovely and elegant on one of the most important days in your life. Looking your best will help you feel your best and help you remember this moment and feeling forever.

Dark Hair Makeup Tips

If you have dark brown or black hair there are certain shades of makeup that will work best to complete your wedding day look. Dark hair is just calling for you to match it with darker shades of lipstick. The most appealing shades of lip color for dark haired brides include red, plum, burgundy or dark berry. Many women with dark hair also have fair skin, you can use light brown eyeliner to make your eyes stand out and pair that with a dark black mascara. Light eye shadow with a sparkly shine is just the final touch that you need to complete your wedding day makeup look. If you want a high drama look you can always choose a metallic eyeliner to add an element of vibrant color.

Blonde Brides

If you are a blonde bride you should choose light shades that add romance and beauty to your look. Pinks and peaches are the perfect lip colors to choose from, because they are light and still add a pop of color. For your blush options, you should match your blonde hair with rosy blush that adds a hint of tint to your cheekbones. Make the lips the center of your look and choose very light and soft colors for your eye shadow. You want soft style that is very subtle and romantic. This is the best way to compliment your gorgeous blonde hair.

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