Ruffles Work For Older Brides Too: Wedding Gowns that WOW!

Wedding Gowns with Ruffles

Yes, even older brides can rock the ruffles. You don’t have to be young and in love to dawn these whimsical accents. From light to bold, here are some gowns that WOW, with ruffles!

Wedding Gowns with RufflesIf you’re looking for a fuller skirt, try this creamy beauty on for size.

Wedding Gowns with RufflesA more sophisticated, delicate design, we love the movement these ruffles make.

Wedding Gowns with RufflesA bit sexy, the additional of these light ruffles creates an underwater effect, don’t you think?

Wedding Gowns with RufflesWe love this textured ballgown with its slight ruffled accessory, we also love that anyone could wear it.

Wedding Gowns with RufflesThis peachy gown is a beauty at any age and those ruffles would flow right down an aisle.

Wedding Gowns with RufflesThis design is incredibly flattering for nearly any and every body type.

Wedding Gowns with RufflesThis golden-tone knock-out would definitely steal the show!

Wedding Gowns with RufflesFluffy and light, the whimsical nature of this gown is breathtaking.

Wedding Gowns with RufflesThe soft ruffle “peplum” detail on this gown is stunning, we love how original and sophisticated this choice is.

Wedding Gowns with RufflesRuffles dipped in a smokey gold, you’ll be the most unique bride to ever walk the runaway … we mean, aisle!

all photos via Brides

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