LEGENDS Romona Keveza: 10 of Our Favorites from her Fall 2015 Preview

Romona Keveza just showed off her prim, proper and gorgeous new line on the Fall 2015 runway. Here are 10 of our favorites from her LEGENDS Romona Keveza collection!

legends-by-romona-keveza-collection-wedding-dresses-fall-2015-Show off a bit of leg, your gorgeous shoes and your shoulders in this sweet number.

legends-by-romona-keveza-collection-wedding-dresses-fall-2015This ball gown has an Aubrey Hepburn vibe and a princess style any bride would love.


A more youthful and trendy version of its predecessor, a bridal ball gown doesn’t get much more classic and beautiful.


The details of this illusion neckline are absolutely breathtaking, don’t you think?


Victorian on the top and sultry on the bottom, this design is quite unique.


A lace piece that will show off your curves in a sexy and elegant way, we urge you to try this one on!


We are loving the delicate and romantic nature of this whimsical gown.


A beautiful, illusion neckline and some lacey textures, this is a special spin on classic accents.


This gown moves and makes a statement down the aisle, don’t be too shy to try it on.


Another Victorian top mixed with a contemporary bottom, we love the fun mixing and matching of this set.

all photos via Brides

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