Which Is the Most Romantic City In Europe To Be Married In?


If the local village church doesn’t ring the bell for you and your other half, maybe you’re considering tying the knot abroad. While it might restrict how many guests can actually make it to your big day, getting married in Europe may be the most expensive thing you ever do, and may be the ultimate may of starting your new life together. When arranging your European wedding, remember that both you and your partner need to apply for an EHIC renewal as part of your travel plans. Weddings are expensive enough without adding any surprise medical bills to the overall cost if either of you should unexpectedly fall ill.
Once you’re application has been approved, you’ll be able to fantasise about your dream wedding in one of these European cities.


Most famously known as the City of Love for a number of reasons, Paris is teeming with romantic restaurants, and stunning architecture that make for the most charming backdrop to your special day. You’ll soon see why so many lovebirds flock to the French capital and you needn’t walk very far for your honeymoon as there are a number of classic hotels with delightful décor and cinematic views of the city. That’s if you ever get round to opening the curtains.


You may not have considered the Hungarian capital as a romantic destination, but the classic rustic feel of the city has everything you could possibly want for your big day. Buda Castle is the focal point of the city and could well provide the dream backdrop for your nuptials. There is also the opportunity to walk on top of the tunnel which is located on the Buda side where it offers a fantastic view of the Danube. In fact the best way to see the best of Budapest is by bridge.


The ancient Vatican City is a very popular wedding destination due to its deep historical roots. The Villa Borghese vicinity is also a top choice with an amazing terrace and Terazza del Pincio has some of the most incredible views you’ll find on this planet. Staying in Rome for your honeymoon will also provide you with memories you will cherish for the rest of your married life as you savour the beautiful sunsets from the historic city centre.


Without question, the charm of Amsterdam is the endless rivers that encompass the city and act as mystical mirrors on your wedding day. Then there’s the endless stunning architecture that towers over the water maze that reflects the orange glow of the sunset. An evening or early morning walk with your other half is a must, when the city is asleep and it feels like you are the only two around. Amsterdam is the place where romantic dreams come true, and your wedding should be no exception.

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