Pretty in Purple Wedding Day Dresses

We’re now used to pink and blushing colors but what about walking down the aisle pretty in purple? Stray away from the tradition and the norm for your vow renewal or second set of “I do’s” in one of these gorgeous, unique designs.

Purple Wedding DressesBeautiful, purple floral embellishments surround the skirt of this glowing, alternative wedding gown.

Purple Wedding DressesThere’s a fairy-tale like quality surrounding this lavender beauty and we’re in love.

Purple Wedding DressesThis gown is special is all design aspects and you’ll feel incredibly unique and special floating down the aisle in it.

Purple Wedding DressesA traditional silhouette dipped in a gorgeous shade of purple may be just what you ordered in bridal style vision.

Purple Wedding DressesBohemian with a very couture spirit, this dress was made for someone with alternative and outside-the-box tastes.

Purple Wedding DressesThis shape is gorgeous on many brides but this shade of purple is such a stunner it had to be featured!

Purple Wedding DressesTexture, tone and a gorgeous silhouette all come together in this dress making it one magical piece of fashion.

Purple Wedding DressesThere’s a slight nod to old-age, princess looks involved in this design but there’s a light whimsy we’re loving too.

Purple Wedding DressesBold and dramatic, this dress has an artistic presence and a daring overall appeal.

Purple Wedding DressesEven if you want to dress like a classic, princess bride, add your own personal touch by dipping it in a beautiful shade of purple!

photos via Brides

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