Plus-Size Wedding Gowns With Sophisticated Silhouettes

Check out our list of beautiful, sophisticated gowns that come in plus sizes for all brides to enjoy and dawn on their big day! These are some traditional styles spruced up with posh accents and classic spirits.

Plus Size Wedding GownsThis satin, mermaid-styled dress is full of classic bridal beauty.

Plus Size Wedding GownsA gorgeous silhouette to show off your womanly shape and intricate lace detailing sending off a traditional bridal style.

Plus Size Wedding GownseWe’re gushing over this gorgeous, illusion neckline. The detailing on this gown is a stunner.

Plus Size Wedding GownsA classic shape and an Audrey Hepburn-inspired, this was made for the contemporary but timeless-loving bride.

Plus Size Wedding GownsA gown like this can become an instant classic when floating down the aisle.

Plus Size Wedding GownsWorn wither without the sheer insert, there’s a charm and elegance to this flowing design.

Plus Size Wedding GownsIf you’re looking for some bling, take a peek at this youthful and flirtatious ball gown.

Plus Size Wedding GownsThis wraparound style has a complimentary effect made for any bride of any size or shape.

Plus Size Wedding GownsSatin and cinches, this is one gown that can be styled in any way you choose.

Plus Size Wedding GownsThe best silhouette to show off your figure with, this gown have everything you need to feel like a bride.

photos via Brides

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