One-Tier Wedding Cakes For Your Vow Renewal Celebration

Vow renewals deserve a celebration but maybe not a 3-tiered bite. Take a peek at these gorgeous one-tiered wedding cakes that are perfect for your 10-year event!

One-Tier Wedding CakesA simple swirl and a personalized topper make this cake a great addition to you casual, relaxed celebration.

One-Tier Wedding CakesChocolate spreads and a modern cameo pair make this a stunning (and delicious looking) design.

One-Tier Wedding CakesWe’re loving the artistic presence surrounding this one-tiered cake. And the topper is more than adorably charming!

One-Tier Wedding CakesGirlish with a fairy-tale quality, the blushing rosettes on this cake are so romantic and pretty!

One-Tier Wedding CakesA bit of ombre can add a pop of celebration and youthful spirits into your special day!

One-Tier Wedding CakesAnd if you add some ruffles to that layer, you get even more of a fun charm!

One-Tier Wedding CakesCream rosettes can be just as romantic as a blushing shade, but mixes with a more relaxed style tone as well.

One-Tier Wedding CakesA bit of deconstruction and topped with lush flowers, we’re over-the-top, in love with this textural and easy design.

One-Tier Wedding CakesBlue-hued with an adorable topper reminiscent of the happy color, this cake design is a favorite of the bunch.

One-Tier Wedding CakesWho knew coconut shavings could be a delicious addition, but who knew they could be so beautiful too?

photos via Brides

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