Multi-Colored Wedding Gowns with Tons of Personality

Colorful Wedding Gowns

Whether you’re renewing your vows or taking your second walk down the aisle, you’re allowed to be the outside-the-box bride. Wear color, dress in prints and most importantly feel beautiful and enjoy every second of your celebration – in one of these gorgeous gowns!

Colorful Wedding GownsA 1920’s vibe with an edgy, garden spirit, this wedding gown has a lot of style in tow.

Colorful Wedding GownsFaint flowers cover this whimsical and flowing wedding gown, it’s perfect for a destination escape or springtime celebration.

Colorful Wedding GownsA hint of blush pink in this ball gown makes it even more beautiful and bridal like.

Colorful Wedding GownsLavender and powder blue are sprinkled around this textural ball gown in such a gorgeous and eclectic way.

Colorful Wedding GownsThis design was dipped in flowers and looks like a piece of walking art!

Colorful Wedding GownsHere’s another gorgeous, dipped-in in lavender, ombre finished gown with beautiful, textured skirt.

Colorful Wedding GownsNot only is this gown stunning but the powder blue detailing puts it over the top!

Colorful Wedding GownsWe are loving this nature-inspired printed piece, and we believe it would look amazing walking down the aisle in the fall.

Colorful Wedding GownsThe peplum accent of this gown isn’t the only standout because the floral, watercolor detail has our heart.

Colorful Wedding GownsBlue and hazy grays never looked more beautiful than on this two-piece design.

all photos via Brides

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