More Tea-Length Beauties For Older, More Sophisticated Brides

Tea-Length Wedding Dresses

We already gushed and showed off some great choices here, but now we’re back with another round! Check out these tea-length beauties for older, more sophisticated brides with tons of style!

Tea-Length Wedding Dresses

Don’t you love the texture and fun pizzazz of this beauty?

Tea-Length Wedding DressesThere’s all the traditional spices needed in this gown, retro love and a tulle skirt!

Tea-Length Wedding DressesThere’s a bit of Grace Kelly wrapped in and sewn up into this beautiful design, don’t you think?

Tea-Length Wedding DressesBohemian and carefree, this is a personal favorite of the bunch!

Tea-Length Wedding DressesSexy and sleek, we love this option for your destination vow renewal.

Tea-Length Wedding DressesA more couture piece, the lace and shape of this dress is completely unique and sophisticated.

Tea-Length Wedding DressesBe daring and bold in this gorgeous, flawless peek-a-book design.

Tea-Length Wedding DressesSecond marriages can easily slip outside-the-box of traditional and go with some classic black and white details!

Tea-Length Wedding DressesShow off your curves but leave your party skirt intact with this piece!

Tea-Length Wedding DressesYour winter wedding is sure to be a hit when you walk down the aisle in this gorgeous gown.

all photos via Brides

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