Minty Maid of Honor Gowns for Any Shape or Size

Mint Green Bridesmaids Dresses

Vow renewals and second-time around weddings sometimes nix the bridal party and go right into the fun. But, even if you decide to have one leading lady by your side, she’s got to look fabulous doing it. Check out these minty maid of honor gowns that are not only beautiful but flattering for any shape or size!

Mint Green Bridesmaids DressesWe love the iridescent nature of this gown and it’s ruched midsection.

Mint Green Bridesmaids DressesAn A-line design is always a safe bet, especially if you’re searching for a shorter look.

Mint Green Bridesmaids DressesA classic design, this gown truly will flatter all figures.

Mint Green Bridesmaids DressesYou’d be surprised how amazing this gown will look on your leading lady.

Mint Green Bridesmaids DressesThis is another shorter, A-line beauty with a playful, flirty spirit.

Mint Green Bridesmaids DressesWe love the versatility of this silky, flowing gown.

Mint Green Bridesmaids DressesAre you looking for something more prim and preppy? This gown cinches at the waist and follows that clean style.

Mint Green Bridesmaids DressesElegance at its finest, this design also has a bit of sophisticated sexiness.

Mint Green Bridesmaids DressesWhimsy and romantic, this is another choice you could never go wrong with.

Mint Green Bridesmaids DressesA Grecian style is comfortable and complimentary.

all photos via Brides

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