Making Memories on Your Big Day

After popping the question, it’s likely that you and yours will have spent months planning and perfecting everything for your big day, from the guest list to the napkins, especially if you are making your second wedding distinctive and special. It can be hard to think of anything past the event, but when you’re making your final plans, make sure you have ways of making and preserving those memories for the future.


If your wedding involves a large number of guests – which, especially if you or your betrothed already have children from a previous relationship is likely at a second wedding – invest in a quality photographer. Make sure you spend your special day creating memories, and hire an outstanding professional to capture them. Be sure to have a look through their portfolio to make sure you like their style of photography, and that their prints are reasonably priced for your guests to order later. A set of disposable cameras or a photobooth also make great additions to the reception, and allow your guests to be an interactive part of your special day. After the event, you could even press and dry your wedding bouquets to embellish pages of your photo album.

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The wedding guestbook is a long-held tradition for your loved ones to share their well-wishes for your future, and while the traditional guestbook is special, many crafty couples are creating alternatives. Allow your guests to unleash their creative side by providing art materials for them to make drawings or collages to form your guestbook, or use an instant film camera for them to write a message on the back of a selfie to keep in a shadow box, or even create a plain puzzle for them to write on the pieces.


Saving Your Wedding Dress (or Outfit)

For many brides, choosing a wedding dress has been an arduous process in order to find the perfect one – so why only wear it once? There are many ways for which you can keep your dress after its initial use. First of all, take it to be professionally cleaned by a bridal specialist, after which you could keep it in a safe place to be admired or passed down to the next generation – be sure to store it carefully folded in a wedding dress box with tissue paper. For more artistic brides, use some cuttings of it to create a collage or photographic display of your wedding memories, along with your favourite photographs of the day. Alternatively, get as much use out of your gown as you can, perhaps by having it altered or dyed to wear for other occasions.


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