How Live Entertainment Will Make Your Wedding Stand Out

You’ve come this far, so you’re at the very least considering a live wedding band to entertain your guests. Here are a few reasons why choosing to leave this most important of responsibilities up to a top wedding band will be the difference between a great wedding and an unforgettable one.

It gets people dancing

Admittedly, guests with high spirits will end up dancing to anything after a certain amount of alcohol has been consumed. There are some highly engaging DJs out there, happy to spin your favorite tracks at the drop of a hat whilst maintaining an enthusiastic boogie, but it’s not quite the same. True musicians live the music they play, and those who lose themselves amongst the melodies are always the best ones to watch. The vibes a wedding band creates onstage will spread to your audience like wildfire, and before you know it the floor with be ablaze with tapping toes.

It adds a personal touch

You, of course, want your wedding to be a very personal event, something that represents your union so that everyone present can celebrate it with you. You’ll find that there’s a lot more scope for personalizing the music – and, by extension, the vibe – if you employ the services of a wedding band. You can interact directly with the source of the music everybody’s dancing to, which is something you can’t do with a pre-recorded playlist. Plus, they can interact directly with you, whether it’s inviting more guests up for a dance or encouraging them to sing along to the upcoming chorus. And if you ask nicely, and give your wedding band due notice, you may just end up with your favorite ever songs being played just for you.

It gives your wedding the ‘wow’ factor

There’s definitely a sense of occasion at any performance – the anticipation, the excitement, and the presence are all a lot more tangible with real performers in the room. It shows your guests that you’ve gone to the extra effort of sourcing quality talent – you’ve made more of an occasion out of your wedding, and they’re all going to notice as they filter in. While it might require a little more logistical organization on the day and in the run-up to it, going the extra mile is always appreciated and will leave an impression on your guests they’re unlikely to forget in a hurry.

It gives you something interesting to look at

Visually speaking, there’s a lot more going on with a collection of instruments than with a person stood behind a laptop. With crashing cymbals, ornate guitars and some snazzy outfits, the wedding band will remain a focal point throughout your ceremony. This is not only fantastic when your guests are down on the dance floor; it’s also a godsend during other parts of the ceremony, such as the meal. If you choose to have music played through your meal, then the wedding band will serve as a handy distraction for any restless children. It’ll also keep the good vibes a-flowing, so your guests should still be in party mode after the desserts.

You really get your money’s worth

With a wedding band, you’re getting the full package. A group of dedicated people who are in the business of making sure every minute you’ve hired them for is spent making your wedding fantastic. They’ll be well-behaved, approachable and interesting offstage, and will help you feel even more excited about the most exciting day of your lives. Onstage, they’ll be creating beautiful music for you with their bare hands, inviting everyone present to join in. They’ll also, in most cases, be happy for you to use their PA if you need to make any announcements, and, increasingly, will provide additional entertainment for you between sets. This often comes in the form of a customised playlist, and sometimes of an actual DJ one of the members doubles up as. From the moment they arrive, until the moment they bid you farewell, your wedding band will do everything they can to make this the event of a lifetime.

It’s so much more romantic

Above all, your wedding needs to be romantic. It’s a celebration of love, after all, and music and dance are the languages through which this emotion is conveyed. Picture the scene: you’re walking down the corridor, with faint music drifting through the closed door. Your heart quickens with each step you take towards it. At last, you’re there, throwing the door open, and your eyes are met with a sea of beautifully turned out guests all waiting for you. The music is much richer, in both tone and volume, and you turn your head to see a string quartet, a harpist, a jazz band – whoever they are and whatever they’re playing, they’re playing it for you. A group of people who have dressed up and prepared a set specifically for you is infinitely more meaningful than a specially prepared playlist and is much more likely to send a stray tear down the cheek of the odd guest.

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