Ideas for Vow Renewal Invitations

vow renewal ideas

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Ideas for Vow Renewal Invitations

Vow renewal ceremonies range from elaborate and formal to casual and informal. As a result, there are plenty of options when it comes to vow renewal invitations. Here are some pointers that will help you choose the right wording and style for yourinvitations no matter how big or small the occasion might be.

A vow renewal ceremony may be hosted by the married couple or by their children. When hosted by the couple, invitations could be very straightforward and to the point whenever the occasion is rather informal. An example of how such an invitation might be worded is:

Example Vow Renewal Invitation

The pleasure of your company is requested at the vow renewal ceremony of John and Debbie Smith

Highgrove Christian Church Cincinnati, Ohio

on Friday the fourth of April at 7:00 pm Reception immediately following

Casual attire-gifts not required RSVP by 26 February 2014

For a more formal event that is hosted by the couple, the invitation may read something similar to:

Formal Event Vow Renewal Invitation

Together they have found a friendship, raised a family, and built a beautiful marriage You are most warmly invited to the reaffirmation of John and Debbie Smith as they renew wedding vows on Friday, April 4, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. Highgrove Christian Church

Cincinnati, Ohio

When children host the event on behalf of their parents, the invitation may list each child’s name or simply read “the children of”. When the children who are hosting the event are all products of the marriage, it is appropriate to say simply “the children of”. If some of the children are from previous marriages, it could be better to list each child’s name individually.

Example Vow Renewal Invitation – With Children

 Andrew and Arthur Smith and Heather Jones invite you to share in our joy as our parents John and Debbie Smith

renew their marriage vows at Highgrove Christian Church Cincinnati, Ohio at 5:00 pm a reception will be held afterwards at Embassy Suites Hotel, Cincinnati, Ohio

Semi-formal attire requested

Example Vow Renewal Invitation – With Children

 The children of John and Debbie Smith request the honor of your presence at the vow renewal ceremony of their parents Friday, April 4, 2014

at 7:00 pm at Highgrove Christian Church

Cincinnati, Ohio Dinner and dancing will follow immediately afterwards

at Embassy Suites Hotel

Cincinnati, Ohio RSVP by 26 February 2014 888-765-1234

Vow renewal invitations normally contain additional information that is not included in wedding invitations. For example, the couple may wish to let others know that gifts are not required and that dress for the occasion will be casual. Some aspect of these invitations may be similar, as they may also contain RSVP cards or directions to the reception.

A common question involving vow renewal invitations involves who they should be sent to. Since vow renewal ceremonies are typically much smaller gatherings, invitations are normally sent only to close friends and family members of the couple. Individual invitations do not need to be sent to everyone in attendance, as a single invitation would be sufficient when including all the members of a church or civic group.

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