How To Word A Vow Renewal Program

If you’re planning a vow renewal – with all the bells and whistles – you may become stumped with some of the wording to include for certain parts of the events. From the invitations to the program, sometimes a revamp of the usual phrases we traditionally see need to be changed.

Thankfully, we’re here to make this part of the planning a bit easier. What format do you use, how do you word it and what should be included in your vow renewal program? Follow along below to find out!

What To Include

Luckily, programs are quite easy to whip up – even in a pinch. It’s simply outlining the ceremony’s events. From the renewing of the vows to the reciting of a poem from your children, just create a “table of contents” for what’s happening throughout the celebration.

Although, it’s certainly not traditional to have a vow renewal program – as it has been deemed more appropriate for a first wedding – you’re more than welcome to create a renewal that suits your preferences and specific needs!

The Breakdown

Vow renewal ceremonies can be similar to a normal wedding, but doesn’t have to be. Obviously, your vow renewal ceremony is the most important piece of your vow renewal! These kinds of ceremonies tend to differ based on whether the ceremony is religious or civil and contains several important parts. When you create your vow renewal program, here’s the order:

  • Processional – This is the start of the vow renewal ceremony and is basically where you and your spouse walk down the aisle. If you have kids, this is a great way to get them involved. Have them play an important part. In terms of order, it is typical wedding order, first both sets of parents, then attendants, then your children.
  • Greeting – After the processional, the officiant welcomes the guests to the ceremony. This greeting can be as simple as a short thank you to the guests for coming or as more involved with a reading or a brief history of your marriage.
  • Exchange of Vows – The vows are the emotionally part of the vow renewal ceremony. This is where you and your spouse will reflect upon your years together and make or renew promises to each other about the life you’ll lead in the years to come. We recommend writing your own vows if you can, here are some good tips for writing your own vow renewal vows.
  • Exchange of Rings/Gift Following the vows, you should exchange any rings, gifts or other items you may have organized.
  • Pronouncement – Unlike a wedding, you’re already married so this is where the officiant will say a few nice words about love and life and the sanctity of marriage and your renewed commitment to each other.
  • Recessional – The recessional is the exact opposite of the processional. You and your spouse will exit down the aisle together first, followed by the rest of the attendants and your parents. The recessional marks the finish of the vow renewal ceremony.


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