How to Make Your Vow Renewal Extra Special

For many, getting married to the person you love is one of the greatest experiences. A wedding allows you to pledge your commitment to one another while expressing your love in front of friends and family. Once the wedding is over, though, this does not mean you cannot celebrate your love again. While there are numerous anniversaries to be had, a few years down the line when you are both older, you and your spouse can have a vow renewal ceremony to show your continued commitment to one another.

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to a vow renewal ceremony. Many have one because they are celebrating a huge milestone, such as their 10th, 25th or 40th anniversary, or because they have been through some hardships and come out the other side stronger than ever before.

The reasons behind your vow renewal, however, are trivial. It is between you and your spouse. As such, you will want your big day to be just as special as your wedding. Here’s how to plan a vow renewal ceremony that’s out of this world.

Before the big day

Set a date, find the perfect location and decide the time of day

Like planning a wedding, you will need to pick a date, location and time of day to have the ceremony. Usually, couples will choose a date that is special to them, such as their anniversary or the day they first met.

Find a copy of your wedding vows

Do not feel as if you have to be limited to the words you spoke at your wedding. Rather, use them as a foundation to revisit and build on. Add to your original vows with sentiments that have been born after your wedding day.

Find an officiant

Reach out to the officiant who originally married you, or if they are not available, find someone else who can add their own whimsy to the ceremony. For the civil service, contact the local government to find a qualified official in your area.

If you are after a more relaxed atmosphere, ask a close friend to introduce you two before you renew your vows.

Book the caterers, transport, and locations in advance

Reach out in plenty of time so that you get exactly what you want. By leaving it to the last minute, you risk not having the food, transport or the location you have dreamed of – this could put a dampener on your happy day. You will want to book them at least a year in advance, especially if you are planning to renew your vows during the summer months.

Try out cakes and the food beforehand and book them as soon as possible. If you want a limousine to take you to and from the location but the ceremony is happening around prom season, for instance, contact a limo hire Perth company who can offer luxurious vehicles for your special day in plenty of time. The same goes for sites that are extremely popular, such as manor houses, museums, and clubhouses.

If you are looking for an overseas location for your vow renewal, the whole world is your oyster.

Send out invites

Distribute as many invites as you wish. You can either invite everyone who was present at your wedding or, if you wish for something more intimate, only ask close friends and family to attend.

Find your outfits

Many people do not wear full bridal gowns during their vow renewal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. However, if you wish to have something more simple, a minimal white dress, jumpsuit or playsuit with beautiful accessories could be enough. For men, a sharp suit or a more relaxed textured suit can complete the picture.

The ceremony

Get ready in plenty of time

You can hire rooms at the venue so that it is easier to arrive on-site. This can limit any feelings of stress. Have your friends help you get ready, and allow plenty of time for you to get made up. Try not to get swept up in the stress.

The rings

You already have your wedding bands, but this doesn’t mean you cannot have another symbolic ritual. Ring-warming or ring blessing is when the couple’s rings are passed around and blessed by friends and family before being placed back on the fingers of the couple. Of course, you can also buy and present one another with a promise ring to sit beside your other rings.


Try not to get wrapped up in the logistics of your vow renewal, and try to relax and enjoy the moment. Like your wedding day, even if something were to go wrong, it is still going to be a wonderful and momentous occasion.

Make sure there is time to take photos, to talk and enjoy each other’s company, and if you are having a sit-down meal, plenty of good food, drink, and amazing music.

Remember, like a wedding, what you want for your vow renewal is determined by you and your other half. You can celebrate in style and with crowds of people, or if you wish, you can keep it personal and renew your vows alone.

After the ceremony

Say thanks

For the friends and family who attended, spend the time to write them thank you notes and send them to their homes. Include images of the day, and write a heartfelt message for all to enjoy. You can handwrite the messages or have the messages pre-written, but be sure to write the recipient’s name as well as your own by yourself.


Once it’s done and the ceremony draws to a close and your vows have been renewed, let out a long sigh and remember to breathe. It can become all too easy to get wrapped up in the planning and ensuring everything goes off without a hitch, that you forget the reasons behind your vow renewal ceremony, to begin with. Relax, and keep the memories stored in your mind and share the photos of the day with your loved ones.


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