Honeymoon With Kids at the Land of Trolls: Where to Travel and What to See In Norway?


Lazy or active, in the sun or the refreshing shade, sand or snow – these are common dilemmas arising once you start planning the ideal honeymoon. More difficulties occur if you are getting married for the second time, and nearby you stand your children – you don’t want to leave them alone at home, and the trip can be quite a pleasant bonding experience too. If you have decided to travel with the kids circle of choices where you can go become even narrower. So, where to travel so that you and your children can equally enjoy the trip?

Today we suggest you one answer to this question – choose the land of fjords and trolls – Norway! As Travel Ticker experts are going to prove to use bellow, this amazing country has a broad range of activities and an amazing nature you and your kids will surely enjoy. After all, a honeymoon in Norway might be a very fantastic choice too.

Zoo and Amusement Park in Kristiansand. This park is one of the most popular tourist destinations among travelers. Animals live and walk here freely; they are not closed or locked in cages, so the children will especially enjoy seeing various wild animals up close. The zoo can be proud of such wildlife representatives, such as the red pandas, whose species, unfortunately, are threatened by extinction.

Dads will be charmed by other town attraction – Cannon Museum. Møvik Fort located in the museum exhibits the world’s second largest cannon, with the length of 20 meters, and the weight – 337 tons. That cannon can shot for more than 50 kilometers!

“Seven Sisters” and Geiranger fjord. Legend has it that this stunning waterfall is actually a Viking who went out into the world to look for a wife. On the road he met seven beautiful sisters but the grief and the inability to choose one of them to be his bride, eventually caused Viking to melt and turn into a waterfall.

At the other shore of the fjord, all the sisters were frozen too. This waterfall is often considered the most beautiful in Norway. In order to see the breathtaking views, it is necessary to take the ferry, which will let you admire the steep rocky shores and flowing waterfalls stretching along the Geiranger fjord, without anything blocking the view.

Kongsberg silver mines. For 300 years miners marched around in this silver mine, which is now opened to visitors who want to get acquainted with the subtleties of silver mining. The deepest mine, a place reaching up to 1000 meters underground, operated until 1958.

Tourists are guided throughout this mine by the “Troll“. Here, you will be provided with helmets on your heads, but don’t be surprised by being constantly silenced – you should be quite in order not to wake up evil spirits sleeping in the mountain. Such experience certainly will leave the impression for kids of all ages. In the Kongsberg town, the mining and the Norwegian Royal Mint Museum are located too.

Northern Lights. This phenomenon occurs only in the northern hemisphere’s polar region, and it surely does not leave anyone indifferent. The lights are always visible at night and usually shine with green, blue, yellow and purple colors. It is surely one of the most romantic views as well. The best places to admire Northern lights are in Tromso and Nordkapp cities. Tromso, also nicknamed as the “Paris of the North”, is considered as the capital of the Arctic, where the festivals celebrating aurora borealis is held annually. During it, local Saami provides entertainment with a dog or reindeer sledding. So, kids will love it too.

Flam Railway line. Finally, choose to gaze at the beautiful mountains and fjords by a train – that will be a pleasant pastime for both adults and children. The railway line is stretching for 20 kilometers – the journey begins at Myrdal and ends at Flam station, located next to the fjord Aurlundo.

The train shortly stops at Kjosfosseno, next to the waterfall, where you can observe how the energy is produced – the waterfall produces energy that supports the entire Flam railway line!


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