The Groom’s Guide to the Big Day


The venue is booked, the tuxes are ordered, and the bachelor party was a great success. As a groom, there are a variety of roles you’ll need to fill on the day of the wedding. Make sure you’re prepared for all of your duties and pull off the wedding of the century with your beautiful bride.

Eat a Hearty Breakfast
Your nerves might lead to lack of appetite, or perhaps you’re running around orchestrating the last minute details; whatever the reason, skipping breakfast on the day of your wedding is not a good idea. Remember that you’ll be kept busy for the next 12 hours of your life: greeting guests that arrive at the ceremony hall, the actual ceremony, photography sessions, dancing, and a whole lot of mingling with all of your family and friends before finally getting to sit and enjoy your meal. It might be harder to grab a bite than you think.

Everybody gets wedding jitters, and if your nerves are feeling overwhelming, make sure you do something the morning of your wedding to destress and find a calm state of mind. Maybe it’s a quick jog when you wake up in the morning to get out some of that nervous energy. Perhaps it’s a thirty-minute session of your favorite video game—whatever you find peaceful will do. Resetting your mind before the big, busy day will see you happier and less nervous when the time actually comes.

Practice Your Vows
If you’ve written your own vows, you’re going to want to spend a bit of your morning going over what you’re going to say, especially if you plan to say your vows without using a written version. Since this is your chance to express your love verbally, make sure your delivery is calm but passionate. This means practicing your vows out loud, at least a few times. Take the time to iron out the details, and deliver your love words with all the confidence in the world.

Grooming for the Groom
Much of the grooming focus on the big day is centralized on the bride and her bridal party, but every groom should be sure to look his most dapper on the most wonderful moment of his life. Make sure you’ve got your grooming game on lock. Check out the shaving kits from (hint: these kits make a great gift for your groomsmen, as well) and make sure that skin is baby bottom soft for your first kiss as a married couple, or trim and shape up that beard into sheer facial hair perfection.

Check on the Rings
Yes, the best man is in charge of the rings, but you’re in charge of your best man. Do everything in your power to make sure the ring is safe and sound up until the point the wedding priest or officiant requests them. This might mean keeping it in a safe at home until the big day, and handing it over to your best man half an hour before the ceremony. Do whatever you need to ensure the most important tokens of the wedding are where they need to be.

Deliver a Gift to Your Bride
You won’t get to see your bride until she’s walking down the aisle (or until the first sight photography session if you choose to go that route), but that doesn’t mean you can’t let her know you’re counting down the seconds until she’s officially declared your wife. It’s always a sweet gesture to send a gift to your bride earlier in the day as she’s getting. Maybe it’s champagne bottles and chocolate treats for her and the bridesmaids, or maybe it’s a brunch platter that she can snack on as she gets her makeup and hair done. If your wedding is coming up quick and you need to find a last minute delivery gift, consider sending flowers online. Your efforts definitely won’t look last-minute and she’ll be delighted by the beautiful blooms decorating her room as she gets ready for the most important walk of her life.

Make sure your wedding is the day you and your bride have always dreamed of by keeping your groom duties in mind as the day draws closer.

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