Gorgeous Demetrios Gowns Coming in Plus Sizes

These Demetrios wedding gowns are must-see designs for any bride-to-be! From dramatic entrances to fairy-tale qualities, there’s something for any and every bride-to-be. And the best part is? They come in plus-sizes too, making them even more accessible.

2860_demetrios_young_sophistcates_wedding_dress_primaryThere are so many beautiful facets to this design, it’s quite the intricate and interesting piece.

These Demetrios wedding gowns are must-see designs for any bride-to-be!Make a scene in this gorgeous and rambunctious number, just look at that intense and voluminous skirt!

These Demetrios wedding gowns are must-see designs for any bride-to-be!This ball gown has a lot of drama but a softer, more subtle skirt that would do well on a dance floor.

2865_demetrios_young_sophistcates_wedding_dress_primaryA more traditional look with a pop of glitz, this silhouette has a bit of sensuality sewn in.

2866_demetrios_young_sophistcates_wedding_dress_primaryDo you see the soft rosettes highlighted in the skirt? We are in love!

2867-demetrios-young-sophisticates-wedding-dress-primaryHow can you not love a bodice with that much detail and sparkle? And the skirt will move and flow right along with every step you take.

2869-demetrios-young-sophisticates-wedding-dress-primaryBesides the sparkle in the skirt, what makes this number stand out is the gorgeous shoulder draping.

2871-demetrios-young-sophisticates-wedding-dress-primaryHere’s a look at one of the more subtle ball gowns of the bunch, but with a dash of glam!

2872-demetrios-young-sophisticates-wedding-dress-primaryThere’s really something special about a ball gown with a skirt that sparkles in the light.

2873-demetrios-young-sophisticates-wedding-dress-primaryLong, illusion sleeves and a feathered skirt, this may be the winner among all of the beauties.

photos via Brides

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