Golden Wedding Gowns for the Second Time Around

Golden Wedding Gowns

Golden and bright, a bride deserves to shine. Whether this is your second walk down the aisle or it’s time to renew your vows, a gold-dipped gown will have you feeling like a glamorous bombshell, at any age!

Golden Wedding GownsIf you want to feel like you’re walking the red carpet, try on this beautiful design.

Golden Wedding GownsFor something romantic and comfortable, this Grecian gown could be exactly what you need.

Golden Wedding GownsFeeling formal? This dress will look incredible on any bride-to-be.

Golden Wedding GownsA bit more of a party style, this little number you can renew your vows in and then dance all night too!

Golden Wedding GownsGlamorous and bold, how beautiful would this gown be paired with a cathedral veil?

Golden Wedding GownsThe ombre effect this gown dawns is absolutely stunning.

Golden Wedding GownsSophisticated and beautiful, this design was made for older, timeless brides.

Golden Wedding GownsWe love the intricate details and bead work on this number.

Golden Wedding GownsWow yourself, the groom and the guests in this beauty.

Golden Wedding GownsFeel sexy in a gown that hugs your curves and accentuates your personal style

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