Giving Flowers as Wedding Favors


There are many types of wedding favors out there, from monogrammed champagne glasses to small statuettes and everything between. The problem with these sorts of favors is that they can be very expensive. Many people wonder what favors they can give their guests. The wedding favors discussed in this article are both inexpensive and classy– the perfect favors for your ceremony. They are things most people love as well flowers. Flowers are easy to find, not time-consuming to assemble, and will truly make your guests smile. Read on for a few ideas.

Seed Packets
Seed packets are one of the best favors you can give your guests. They do not need any maintenance until they are planted. A good
idea would be to give your guests seed packets for the types of flowers in your bouquet. That way, they will have living flowers to plant and grow in their own yard or garden. Even if they do not plant the seed packets, the guests will still have pictures of the types of flowers you had at the wedding. If you pick perennials, the seeds they plant will produce blossoms which will die down in winter and come back in spring.

Flower Leis
If you are having a tropical themed wedding, or just any slightly more playful wedding, it might be preferable to give your guests flower leis instead. These can be made by hand or bought from a florist. They are a sweet, fun, wonderful-smelling way for guests to remember your special day. They can be dried later, so that your guests will always have a memento. You can either go with leis that match your dress or your bouquet or choose any color from your decorations. You can even use the leis as part of your decoration for the big day, and then give them to the guests as they leave.

Small Bouquets
Another really amazing wedding favor idea is giving your guests small bouquets of flowers as they leave. Make them from the same flowers as your bouquet, or complementary colors. You could even pick two colors of flowers and give people who are in relationships and their partners each a different color so that their small bouquets complement one another. Tie them with bows in a matching color. Your guests will love receiving these fresh flowers as they leave.

There are many fabulous wedding favor ideas. However, some of the most beautiful are flowers. Flowers for Everyone has a wide variety of beautiful flowers that will make favors your guests will be talking about for months to come.

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