Getting Remarried? 7 Essential Remarriage Tips You’ll Want to Know

remarriage tips
photo credit: Shimal Ahmed (Fulhi) via photopin cc
remarriage tips
photo credit: Shimal Ahmed (Fulhi) via photopin cc

Getting remarried? Check out a few essential tips:

Taking His Name?

When talking second marriages, how to word the invitation can be a bit confounding. Your friends may only know you by your married name, however using your first husband’s surname on the invites probably feels really weird. The bottom line? Use the name that makes you feel most comfortable. If you’d rather not use your first husband’s name but are concerned people will think they’ve been invited to a stranger’s wedding, indicate this on the invite or give friends a call.

Wear What You Want!

It may be your second wedding, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit and be married by a Justice of the Peace!  Wear that gorgeous gown you’ve been dreaming about, and opt for the full church service if you want it. Inform your parents and/or children of your plans so they know what the ceremony will entail.

Remember, It’s a Fresh Start

Refrain from saying “Well, the last time I did this…” and similar things, which can hurt your new soon-to-be hubby. Plan an entirely different wedding, from the venue to the cake to the first dance and beyond. This is a completely fresh start, so treat it like one!

Blending the Families

Get ready to blend households in addition to families: discuss what you’ll do with your things before the wedding. Have a joint garage sale if desired, and give him his own space for displaying collections you think are hideous, such as a “man cave” room. Remember, the same goes for any crazy collections of your own!

Enjoy Getting Creative

A second wedding gives you an opportunity to do unconventional things and otherwise be as creative as desired. Want to cut the cake first? Perhaps greet family and friends with your husband-to-be at the ceremony site entrance? Go for it! Have fun and feel free to make it all kinds of special!

Don’t Forget the Kiddies

It’s important to let your children know they’re part of your new union. Options include lighting a unity candle together at the ceremony, or going the unity sand ceremony route. Provide each child with a different color of sand and use a hurricane lamp to blend them. Place the lamp on your mantle or other important household spot after your honeymoon. The kids will love it!

List Important Peeps

Family relationships can confuse guests the second time ’round. Ensure program lists all “key players” and their relationships, such as “So-and-So, Father of the Groom.”

Have fun, and try not to stress!

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