Flattering Wedding Gowns with Empire Waistlines

Flattering and free, an empire-waistline is complimentary on a variety of brides. From bohemian styles to classic silhouettes, these designs are of the most versatile fare. Let’s have a look!

Wedding Gowns with Empire WaistlinesDelicate and sweet, this gown is the perfect for a bride with whimsy style and fairy-tale dreams.

Wedding Gowns with Empire WaistlinesThere’s a bit of the roarin’ 20’s sewn into this gorgeous, flowing wedding gown.

Wedding Gowns with Empire WaistlinesFlattering and comfortable, this dress is perfect for those wanting a bit of simplicity during their celebration.

Wedding Gowns with Empire WaistlinesSoft and dainty lace surround this design with easy and comfort, we’ve fallen in love with its romantic charm.

Wedding Gowns with Empire WaistlinesThe detailing on this bodice make it a unique standout, but the soft lace overlay make it very bridal and youthful.

Wedding Gowns with Empire WaistlinesA girlish gown with a sleek, bohemian vibe, this may be our favorite of the bunch.

Wedding Gowns with Empire WaistlinesSweetness and sexiness are all wrapped up in this design with a pop of color at the waistline!

Wedding Gowns with Empire WaistlinesThere’s so much texture and interest involved in this design and we’re in love with each intricate detail.

Wedding Gowns with Empire WaistlinesShorter skirts covered in longer layers with a bit of blush up top, this is definitely a more daring design.

Wedding Gowns with Empire WaistlinesA detailed bodice and a flowing skirt, no bride can go wrong in this stunning dress.

photos via Brides

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