Feminine, Bridal Pant Suits for your Wedding Day

Nix the dress and try out some pants for your second time down the aisle! Break the rules, be bold and add a uniqueness to your celebration. It’s unique, fresh and still very feminine.

Bridal Wedding Pant Suits A sexy cowl neck and high-waisted pants makes this design a complimentary and contemporary overall look.

Bridal Wedding Pant Suits An illusion neckline and smooth, straight pants give this suit style a casual and feminine feel.

Bridal Wedding Pant Suits We are loving the flowing pants and fun, fringe top made for an outside-the-box thinker, alternative-loving bride.

Bridal Wedding Pant Suits This one-piece suit is perfect for accessorizing, styling and adding a pop of color – just look at that shoe pairing!

Bridal Wedding Pant Suits Here’s another one-piece look with a preppier, springtime feel. It’s perfect for a country club or yacht-type celebration!

Bridal Wedding Pant Suits Textural and light in spirit, this was made for your destination, summertime affair.

Bridal Wedding Pant Suits This layered mix would bode well in the wintertime as your alternative, bridal day style.

Bridal Wedding Pant Suits A sparkling, white sequined jacket is every bit as bridal as a poofy tulle skirt.

Bridal Wedding Pant Suits A lacey, one-piece suit can be pulled off in a pinch for your second time around wedding or vow renewal by the ocean side.

Bridal Wedding Pant Suits        Flowing and free, this bohemian design is our favorite from the pack as it exudes feminism and bridal-day charm.

photos via Brides

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