Fairy-Tale Bridal Looks For Older, More Sophisticated Brides

Older brides can feel like princesses on their wedding day too.! Age aside, these fairy-tale bridal looks are perfect for older, more sophisticated of beauties. Flowing fabrics, sparkling embellishments and storybook finished, allow these styles to bring you bouts of “I do” inspiration.

fairytale bridal looks


A pop of pink and a movable skirt, this is one of the sweeter looks on the menu.

0c22aabc2c66f8d921e19030e9adbd8cSoft, layered fabric and unique bouquets on a hillside, this dreamy set-up could be a wonderful way to renew your vows!

1b71291fa20b1340d21a9dafcf4c9ba2A sweeter, more vintage side to the storybooks, here’s a 1950’s treat that we’re swooning for.

7ca79d38c306b5852b30dfc388b83a7dThere’s a bit of an art deco appeal to this look but it seems to have a bit of a princess’s spirit sewn right in.

8aadfc7eb4afde946115c4e2182a3f98Feel like a princess sailing on the Titanic in this gorgeous, Victorian-touched design.

80b894f02c5e6979765288f84180d011This skirt is a bit fuller and the overall style is much more youthful. And let’s not forget to mention the crystal embellishments.

a1b44d150882a70ef275704abd99a844There isn’t a bead or hair out of place in this overall look, and it’s hard not to grab inspiration from its romance and fairy-tale feel.  d47298f1091513969d0fe99d7a9af28bThe gown and the bouquet come together to create not only a unique style but one that seems like its been plucked straight from a bride-to-be’s dream.

e8b011eec036d1b69930539d9390b187Fabric that moves and sways in the wind, there is so much to love about this lace-embellished beauty.

ecbbdeb7f4bb8086da9b84365549cd0fA more “everyday” princess feel, this gown has a 70’s vibe but also a very chic and royal style.

photos via Pinterest

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