Exchanging Rings At Vow Renewal Ceremony

Exchanging Rings At Vow Renewal Ceremony

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Vow Renewal Questions: First, I want to say how much I love this site! I had no idea where to begin planning our vow renewal and this site has given me so much information and some great ideas. My wedding, although tiny, was a special day and I wouldn’t want our renewal to replace or take away from that at all. I’m taking as much advice from here as I can so we can have a wonderful celebration of our love together and the family we have created .

Our party will be semi-formal at a catering hall or country club in the summertime. The ceremony at the same location (maybe next room or just outside) as our reception. About 100 people, buffet dinner, dancing and cake following our ceremony. We’ll walk down the aisle with our children¬†and read our own vows to each other. I want to wear a simple chiffon knee-length white dress, a bouquet and maybe a flower in my hair. Wrist corsages for our 2 girls and boutonni√®re for hubby. This will also be our 10 year Anniversary. We had a tiny wedding and didn’t get to celebrate our marriage with most of our family and we have been through a lot as a family as my husband has ALS and has become wheelchair bound and will eventually be completely paralyzed.

What’s the norm with exchanging rings, are they an addition to the old ones or are they meant to replace them? I apologize this is so lengthy. Thanks!

Remarriage Expert Answers:

Hello Applelady –

Congratulations on your 10 year wedding anniversary. It sounds as though you’ve got a terrific family, husband and faith (and attitude!).

I think all of your plans for the vow renewal ceremony sound wonderful. You can choose to use your wedding rings or get new rings. That’s a personal decision only the two of you can make. It’s fine either way. Here is a set of vows for the exchange of rings during the vow renewal. Of course, we encourage you to write your own vows or use those as a starting point or template for writing your own vows. That’s what makes the ceremony even more special!

I’d be happy to answer any new questions you might have. Just begin a new post for a different subject.

Finally, thanks for your words of appreciation. I’m so happy I can help you plan a wonderful, and meaningful, ceremony! I’ll pray that you and your husband are blessed with as much time together as possible and that this time is sweet. It’s couples like you who make this all worthwhile. Thanks for taking the time to write

Thank you! We’re definitely planning on saying our own vows to each other. I don’t think either of us could part with our original rings but we’ll include vows for them in the ceremony. The link was helpful, I also really like the song suggestions!

Remarriage Expert:

There is no ring exchange part of a vow renewal ceremony, as this is not a wedding and rings are not necessary. But, it is not incorrect to give new rings as a new commitment to each other. If done, he could present you with the new ring while stating why he is giving it to you. Please remember that this isn’t a wedding, so the ceremony doesn’t include wedding-like ceremony segments, phrases or language. All language should reflect a reaffirmation of your wedding vows.

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