Everything You Need to Know About 2019 Wedding Trends

Wedding trends ebb and flow like the tides and every year sees new styles taking center stage. If you’re getting remarried, chances are that things are very different this time around. Between the growth of technology and an increasingly global community, the possibilities are virtually endless — and couples are truly taking advantage of the freedom to create the day of their dreams.

Check out what the experts are predicting for 2019 weddings.

Off the beaten path destinations

Destination weddings have always been a popular choice for second weddings, but we’ve seen couples looking beyond the typical Caribbean getaway. “Top destinations for weddings in 2019 include regions you might expect, but cities and spots that are a bit unique,” shares Harmony Walton of Bridal Bar. “Mexico is still a great place to wed, but couples are looking towards cities like San Miguel and Merida, Todos Santos and Ville de Guadalupe instead of Cancun and Cabo.”

She adds, “South America is also a growing destination wedding hot spot — Antigua, Guatemala, Cartagena, Colombia, and even islands in Panama like Sweet Bocas are fan favorites. Europe continues to grow in popularity in places like Croatia and Montenegro. Couples want to go where their friends haven’t gone before but to places that are still somewhat familiar.”

Goodbye glam squad, hello natural beauty

2019 is all about fresh, simple, and understated bridal looks. “Heavily contoured makeup is out,” assures Nika Vaughan of Nika Vaughan Bridal Artists. “Fresh, spa-inspired skin will be a big focus for spring and summer 2019. For formal events, there will be more focus on glowing, touchable skin.”

Vaughan encourages, “If opting for a more glowing, dreamy look, try skipping the eyeliner in general, and instead play up the lashes even more so the eyes look soft and ethereal. The vibe is more fresh and lightweight vs. a heavy Instagram-oriented look.”

Dress to make a statement

Brides have always been creative with styling, but now grooms are getting in on the fun. “Gone are the days of the typical black suits and tuxedos, and in is the trend of bold patterns and bright hues,” says Chris Cardi of Black Tie. “Whether it’s the groom himself or his groomsmen team too, 2019 grooms are going to be loving taking that plunge and stepping up their wedding attire with patterns like polka dots, tweed, and plaids. Bright and bold hues and undertones, such as navy, maroon, and sapphire blue, are a few of the colors you’ll be seeing grooms rocking on their big day.”

Adrenaline-themed honeymoons

These days, honeymoons aren’t just about spending a week on the beach. Instead, couples are embracing their wanderlust and seeking out new and unique adventures beyond sandy shores.

Pamela Strauss Goldman of Wedaways, elaborates, “We’re seeing longer, more adventurous honeymoons in unique destinations that aren’t necessarily your typical honeymoon locations. Relaxing in Ushuaia before venturing into Antarctica, climbing in Nepal, interacting with wildlife in the Galapagos Islands, mountain biking in Myanmar — these are the new trends. Of course, hot-air balloon rides and wine tasting in Tuscany, sipping tropical cocktails in Bora Bora, and island hopping in Thailand will always be popular and classic.”

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Kylie Carlson is the CEO of the International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning. With seven locations globally, the academy boasts an internationally recognized accreditation program that brings professional training to wedding planners, designers, and stylists.

Photo provided by Karina Papadopoulos.

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