Classic Wedding Gowns with Portrait Necklines

A classic style with vintage flair, check out these gowns topped with portrait necklines. There’s an elegance and sophistication around these designs that all brides, of any age, would feel good in.

pronovias-wedding-dresses-spring-2014-016 (1)

Perfect for a springtime celebration with an old-age spirit, we love the movement of this gown.

new-peter-langner-wedding-dresses-fall-2012-005Here’s a shining, sexier version of the classic, portrait style – with a small train to add some drama too!

new-monique-lhuillier-wedding-dresses-fall-2012-014The wrapped effect of this gown will compliment and enhance and contour any woman’s body – in all the right ways.

Anna Maier-Ulla MaijaThis gown has a bit more lush and dramatic presence, it’s sure to make a beautiful splash walking down the aisle.

temperley-wedding-dresses-spring-2015-012Covered in lace, this is a great choice for a destination wedding but one you’ll still feel like a bride in.

elizabeth-stuart-wedding-dresses-fall-2014-002Be the traditional, belle of the ball in this inspired and classic silhouette.

Ian StuartThe peek-a-boo accent of this skirt is so fun and exciting, it provides texture and princess-like charm in an unsuspecting way.

new-jenny-packham-wedding-dresses-spring-2014-014One of the more romantic of gowns, this dress if full of breathy details and whimsical style.


A lace-covered bodice and a beautiful, layered ball gown, feel like a quintessential bride in this design.

photos via Brides

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