Classic Hairstyles for the Over 50 Bride

Soft curls, a straight bob, a side-swept ponytail, classic hairstyles are sometimes the best way to go for your traditional ceremony. Check out our list of beautiful, yet classic, hairstyles that work for all brides, including those over 50.

1f258a9acf22a9b33758cfb8bcc53529Gorgeous, sleek curls and pinned with a sparkling brooch, here’s a vintage style ready for any bride walking down the aisle.

6f3f5dca482b41e9049bfd8a5acb4303Perfectly framing the face and pinned in the back, this is one of the most romantic ways to wear your hair and your veil.

8fc60f584dedc3eae7b7d88c3ebc5cf6A low chignon will also always be a beautiful and timeless look for any bride at any time in her life.

0031d28d12e937f7725c8907b56e23a9A voluminous, half-up look is a great way to feel bridal and natural.

70f6e440da98cf69b2e54853cba001faA side ponytail embellished with sparkles or florals is a great way to wear your hair for a destination celebration.

b5ccdba5b90a5e0029a8fb0301db8b7eA sleek, short bob is chic enough to dawn with your wedding gown without any fuss.

b304df43bc60c9214a76767bc5dcf0a3Here’s a vintage look that we’re in love with as it’s simple and sweet.

bobShorter, plush curls also give off a vintage spirit but also a very contemporary vibe as well.

e2d067001c484c03392e8448da1f7d14Long, more natural hair will also be a classic look for years to come.

wedding-hairstyle-8-10212014nzA more tousled chignon is perfect if you want something a little less sleek and a little more romantic.

photos via Pinterest

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