Celebrating Your Engagement: The Ideal Proposal. Pay Attention You Future Grooms!!!

marriage proposal ideas
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marriage proposal ideas
Wedding Chicks


Despite reports to the contrary, the institution of marriage remains both relevant and prominent in 2014. This is supported by the fact that while the rate of divorce in the UK has stabilised and even begun to fall during recent years, the number of people deciding to tie the knot has continued to rise disproportionately. If you are currently preparing to pop the question, however, it is important that you have a clear plan in mind to ensure that the experience is as romantic and as memorable as possible!

Planning the Perfect Proposal: 3 Tips for Aspiring Grooms

To achieve this goal, you must be prepared to plan and clearly understand the needs of your significant other. Consider the following steps towards planning the ideal proposal: –

Develop a Creative Theme and Narrative

Although this may sound slightly outlandish, it is the development of a narrative that will make your proposal both meaningful and unique to your partner. After all, they are likely to have a favourite childhood hero, location or fairy-tale, which can subsequently be adapted to create a contemporary scenario for you to pop the most important of questions. So if your partner is student of history and familiar with the majesty of great cities such as London, for example, proposing during a romantic cruise along the Thames represents an excellent idea.

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Choose a Quality and Suitably Designed Ring

There is an old adage which suggests that an engagement ring should cost the same amount as four average wage packets. This is a forlorn and decidedly unromantic guide, however, as it does little to take into account their individual tastes and unique design preferences. So rather than focusing solely on cost and resale value, you should instead strive to invest in an authentic and high quality ring that suits your partner’s sense of style. You should also make sure that you insure this item, so that any unforeseen mishaps or design faults can be quickly resolved. For a wider range of ideas and inspiration, visit a reputable online retailer such as Pragnell at your earliest convenience.

http://www.pragnell.co.uk/Keep it Simple and Speak with Genuine Feeling


Keep it Simple and Speak with Genuine Feeling

When focusing on the ring and the setting for your proposal, it is easy to lose sight of the words that you use to express your desire. This is arguably one of the most important aspects of your entire proposal; however, as the decision to get married ultimately represents a life-long commitment to a special and unique love. It is therefore important to focus on the words that you use when proposing marriage, and ensure that they are delivered in an emotive and meaningful manner. Be sure to propose with feeling, even if this means compromising on the complexity of the message!


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