Buttons Down the Back: Sophisticated Wedding Gowns

Every one of these gowns has a back full of buttons. These sophisticated beauty sure know how to make a walk down the aisle seem like a brand new, magical event. Satin buttons or pearls, let’s have a peek at these stunning designs.

Wedding Gowns with Buttons Down the BackA beautiful silhouette with a Spanish appeal, we’re loving the luxury and tradition of this design.

Wedding Gowns with Buttons Down the BackHere’s a glamouros look that’s full of red carpet drama and sexy appeal.

Wedding Gowns with Buttons Down the BackNow we have a gorgeous gown fit for fall weddings or winter celebrations with its full, long sleeves.

Wedding Gowns with Buttons Down the BackThere’s nothing much more beautiful than this back on this gown. Illusion details and satin buttons; it’s a striking combination.

Wedding Gowns with Buttons Down the BackEverything about this dress is beautiful, including it’s buttoned back, but we also love the layered skirt!

cc245cd320396ebc7b2effd05fa9e92cTake a look at this stunning ball gown. With vintage style and a bit more drama, it’s quite breathtaking.

Wedding Gowns with Buttons Down the BackAnd here’s another beautiful dress with vintage flavor and several gorgeous textures.

Wedding Gowns with Buttons Down the BackDelicate and sweet, this design is perfect for destination weddings.

Wedding Gowns with Buttons Down the BackThis design has a satin finish and a sparkling back full of couture flair, ready for the red carpet or a walk down the aisle.

Wedding Gowns with Buttons Down the BackPearls cascading down the back of this detailed number gives it an extra bit of delicacy and charm.

photos via Pinterest

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