Birdcage Veils for the Second Time You Say I Do

Birdcage Veils

Whether this is your second walk down the aisle or the second time you get to say your vows to your groom of 20 years, you’re still a bride, but that doesn’t mean you need a cathedral veil. If you’d like a bit of traditional flair sewn into your contemporary celebration, take a peek at these feisty birdcage veils.

Birdcage VeilsA pop of color anyone? Mix tradition with your personality, this is such a great way to show it!

Birdcage VeilsAre you not swooning over the up-do, voluminous accent and quaint and tidy birdcage veil on this bride?

Birdcage VeilsHave your birdcage veil go right over your eyes, front and center, for a beautiful compliment to the shape of your face.

Birdcage VeilsWe love how this veil has a lush, chiffon feel instead of the usual mesh look.

Birdcage VeilsA bit longer with a feathered accent, this birdcage addition is ready for the dance floor.

Birdcage VeilsA clean, elegant and simple veil is something all you need to top off your subdued celebration.

Birdcage VeilsA flower to top off this wide-wired veil makes for the perfect, whimsy addition.

Birdcage VeilsThe hair accessory used to clip your veil into your hair will make or break the style, we love this clean and glamorous addition.

Birdcage VeilsWe love the sweetness this veil adds to this bride’s spirit, it adds just a touch of needed bridal spirit.

Birdcage Veils

A simple, beautiful veil, clasped with a brooch to adorn your retro, waving hair.

photos via SMP

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