Artistic & Unique Wedding Gowns for the Alternative Bride

Artistic Alternative Wedding Gowns

Color outside-the-lines when it comes to your wedding day style planning. Go for a gown that inspires you! It doesn’t have to be the traditional bridal look, especially if this is your second time around! Take a look at these unique, artistically-themed gowns and grab some ideas!

Artistic Alternative Wedding Gowns The beading and cape on this gown is a piece of art in and of itself!

Artistic Alternative Wedding Gowns The lace details all over this gown look as though they were hand drawn right onto the model’s body!

Artistic Alternative Wedding Gowns A bride in polka-dots wearing this vivacious silhouette must have a artistic, unique spirit, don’t you think?

Artistic Alternative Wedding Gowns Fringe, offbeat chevron with an overall whimsy attitude, this gown definitely has an alternative feel.

Artistic Alternative Wedding Gowns The beading the spreads across this dress’s mid-drift, looks like a piece that could be printed right onto a canvas.

Artistic Alternative Wedding Gowns Your body becomes the canvas when this gown is slipped on. It’s such a stunner.

Artistic Alternative Wedding Gowns

From top to bottom this gown was made to inspire and wow an audience

Artistic Alternative Wedding Gowns Daring and bold, this flowing masterpiece would definitely turn heads as you walk down the aisle.

Artistic Alternative Wedding Gowns This cut-out around the neckline is such a beautiful and striking part of this otherwise simple design. We love the personal touch!

Artistic Alternative Wedding Gowns This ball gown may be too much for some and just enough for alternative brides that really want to stand out!

all photos via Brides

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