Alternative & Whimsical Two-Piece Wedding Gowns

Alternative Two-Piece Wedding Gowns

If this if your second walk down the aisle or your preparing for your vow renewal, why not look outside-of-the-box when it comes to bridal fashion? Don’t worry about staying within the rules of what’s outlined for a “traditional” bride and, instead, take a peek at these alternative, whimsical two-piece wedding gowns.

Alternative Two-Piece Wedding Gowns

Electrify the night with color and gorgeous details in this couture-inspired number.

Alternative Two-Piece Wedding GownsIf you’re having a smaller, more subdued ceremony, check out this chic and sophisticated design.

Alternative Two-Piece Wedding GownsWe are loving the combinations of textures that these pieces hold, from lace to jewel embellishments.

Alternative Two-Piece Wedding GownsA flowing and curled ball skirt and a crystal-encrusted top, it doesn’t get any more bridal, bold or beautiful than this!

Alternative Two-Piece Wedding Gowns

A sexy silhouette and a midriff cut-out that’s more than the norm, this set is elegant and sensual.

Alternative Two-Piece Wedding GownsA bohemian design with so many delicate details, this charming wedding design is a gorgeous choice.

Alternative Two-Piece Wedding GownsA yellow hue and a destination wedding vibe, this fun set is at least good for trying on!

Alternative Two-Piece Wedding GownsTextured flowing skirts and a boho, handkerchief top, this is a fun spring design for an outdoor wedding.

Alternative Two-Piece Wedding GownsA chic skirt and a top that flows and moves from the back, it’s a simple silhouette with a lot of design-worth and charm.

Alternative Two-Piece Wedding GownsA favorite from the bunch, this skirt has bride written all over it, especially with the layer of tulle.


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