6 Places For An Amazing Second Wedding

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Tying the knot the second time around has a different feel to it, one that is likely to contrast sharply with your first marriage. In your first nuptial ceremony, you were probably nervous (understandably) and hoping that everything would go perfectly (it never does). Now, you’re coming up to a second marriage and you are a bit more mature. You now know that things won’t be exactly perfect, that there will be mistakes, and that all of this is okay – it’s all part of a wedding. With that in mind, you want this time to be more focused on the people close to you rather than just you and your spouse. If you’re trying to match a great place that will ensure you and your guests have a day to remember, the following ideas might be just what you’re looking for. 

Cruise Wedding 


While it may not be fancy or formal enough for a first marriage, a cruise wedding is something that is seemingly perfect for your second try. In terms of activities and fun, there’s no denying that a cruise has plenty of merits – on-board entertainment, plenty of activities, and as much food as you could possibly eat. Add in a reasonable cost for a ceremony to be held while on the ship and you’ve kept your expenses reasonably low. The downside of this is that your guests will need to shell out money from their own pocket to cover their cabin, but the good news is that it will be a vacation for them as well as for you.

One of the biggest selling points of a cruise wedding is that it’s a much better way to spend more time with those you cherish instead of a simple one-day event where many people travel for hours just to leave after the reception is finished. With a cruise wedding, you’ll have several days to talk to your guests and the overall feeling may be more one of family instead of formality – a choice that more and more people are finding right for their second marriage. 

Wine Cellar Wedding 


Looking for something more romantic, more upscale, more sophisticated? Assuming you and your spouse (as well as your guests) have a thing for wine, a second marriage could be the perfect opportunity to splurge on a few bottles of Napa Valley’s finest. Of course, going for a wine cellar wedding is probably going to demand a bit higher catering budget, but there is certainly something to be said for an exquisite meal paired with excellent wines that you and your guests would most likely not try otherwise.

If a wine cellar wedding sounds right to you, then search online for some local wineries and make a few visits to check out the space thoroughly, as quality between smaller wineries can be vastly different. Also, because it will be a group event, the winery should have connections with nearby accommodation options to offer discounts for overnighters. The worst thing that could happen at a wine cellar wedding is to end up with bad wine, but the event itself and interesting venue may be enough to cover a less than stellar bottle or two. 

Sports Wedding 


Surely you’ve seen a sports stadium wedding as the images have become almost ubiquitous – a couple getting married at halftime, showing their love for each other as well as for their favorite team. While a sports stadium wedding does have quite a bit of the old wow factor, there’s another option that could easily be overlooked. All across the country, there are plenty of lower level athletics competitions that might be just right for your particular situation. It may not be the NBA, NFL, or even the NHL, but minor league baseball stadiums and college basketball arenas both fit well for your second wedding.

To get started with a sports wedding, you’ll first need to talk to the events coordinator for the venue or local team. They will help you with blocking off a section of seats for your guests as well as arranging the logistics of when and how you and your spouse will walk down the aisle. In addition, find out whether a reception would be possible at the stadium or arena or what other reception options you have in the immediate vicinity. Even if you’re not a huge fan of your local sports team, their facilities could be a great way to incorporate fun and entertainment into your nuptials. 

Carnival Wedding 


All carny jokes aside, you might not think a carnival would provide the ideal venue for a wedding. However, if you’re looking for a cheap, low-key way to celebrate a second union, then you could do far worse than a carnival. Most carnivals already have a tent large enough to host the ceremony and you’ll likely keep it short and sweet this time (everyone learns after their first marriage that nobody likes a long ceremony). The other side of the coin is that if you’re not expecting many people to come, the natural carnival attendance will create the buzzing atmosphere that goes well with a second marriage.

Onsite entertainment like rides and carny games may not be the latest in up-to-date technology, but the simple truth is that they don’t have to be. Your guests are there to have a good time with you and even something normally as lame as a ring toss could create memories that last a lifetime when in the context of a second marriage. The same holds true for food. Anytime one of your guests eats a funnel cake after your wedding, they will be instantly reminded of the time they attended your carnival wedding. If you can deal with the port-a-johns, then maybe a wedding at a carnival could be in your future. 

Casino Wedding 


Taking fun and games to the next level, a casino wedding is a venue choice that is quickly on the rise. And it makes perfect sense. What other places have the space, the facilities, and the entertainment all baked into a single package? Many casinos are famous for being able to host any type of event and you may be surprised to learn that Las Vegas and Atlantic City are not the only two places with casinos. In fact, you’re most likely located less than a day’s drive from a casino that would be willing to set up something special for you and your guests.

In planning your casino wedding, talk to a casino representative to see what kind of spaces would be available for the actual ceremony. The standard reception could take place at a restaurant and then drinks and dancing at one of the casino’s bars or clubs as well as some gambling to boot. Hitting the casino floor with your friends and family could be the perfect way to celebrate. However, if you or your guests aren’t up to speed on how to play the many different games on offer at a casino, you might want to learn the rules and practice the variants before spinning at the roulette wheel on the big day or play online craps.

Casinos are also well known for being able to craft interesting options, so adding something like a marriage Texas Hold’em tournament may be possible without a huge expense. While your guests may take home some money at your casino wedding, you and your spouse will certainly be the big winners of the evening. 

Private Island Wedding 


Is luxury your thing? Then why not check out a wedding on a private island? Contrary to what most people think, private islands are not some mythical concept held only by the elite corporate tycoons of the world. In fact, there are tons of private islands, with some options probably being very close to where you live and rental costs being quite low, especially for an event like a second wedding. For example, an Airbnb list of private islands shows an East Hampton, Connecticut location for 36 people available for only $210 per night. That’s luxury at bargain prices.

The shape of your private island wedding could differ greatly depending on which amenities are available. Some will have accommodations like a cabin or house that comes with the rental, but others will be nothing but the island itself. In the case of the former, a reception and overnight stay for your closest friends and family would be a great way to cap off an already interesting celebration. For private islands without accommodation, you could either make it a camping (or glamping) wedding a la Matthew McConaughey or just make it a daytime event with the idea to return to solid ground after the ceremony is complete. Either way, who will forget attending a wedding on a private island?

If you’ve been paying attention, then by now you’ve probably noticed a theme here. These unusual wedding venues all have one thing in common – they’re not only an exciting experience for you, but also for your guests. Your first wedding was all about you and your spouse, but things change when you’re going through the routine for the second time. For your second marriage, fun should be a big part of the game and all of the options mentioned above will certainly generate a good time to be had by all.

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