5 Wedding Gift Ideas For Older Couples

Older couples getting ready to tie the knot probably do not need a new blender or toaster oven, however gifts are still appreciated. Check out the following wedding gift ideas ideal for older couples…and feel free to get creative!

Experience Gifts

Give the gift of a fantastic experience. Provide your favorite couple with a wonderful spa weekend, a few hours at the race or go-kart track, a skydiving or bungee jumping package, etc. Ask them for ideas if you need to, or simply say “What’s something you have never done before that has always piqued your interest?”

Donation Gifts

Donate money to the couple’s favorite charity, whether it be a women’s shelter or local soup kitchen, animal shelter, environmental cause, or something else they feel strongly about. The couple might ask for donations in lieu of gifts, in which case you can simply type in a dollar amount.

Handmade Gifts

Make a gift for the couple if you are “crafty.” Ideas include scrapbooks, painted or embellished photo frames complete with pictures of the couple, his-and-her jewelry, etc. Use your talents to create a gift from the heart the couple will really appreciate.

“Night Out” Gifts

Provide the happy couple with a fabulous night on the town. Give them a gift certificate to their favorite high-end restaurant, theater tickets, concert tickets, etc. They will love spending a night having fun for free!

Spa Gifts

Help the couple relax after the wedding craziness is over with a spa gift. Find a local spa with a fantastic couples package so they can spend the day getting pampered. Look for gifts that include a couples’ massage in addition to options such as facials, reflexology, body wraps, etc.

Mull over these and similar ideas to provide the couple with a gift they will cherish you for!

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