5 Castles in the United States To Say Your “I Do’s”

If there was ever a day to truly feel like royalty, it’s on your wedding day. Brides dream of becoming princesses for a day and watching their prince charming tear up as they walk down the aisle. It’s a day that should be a dream come true. Topping that with a castle background is just one of the many ways you can transform that special moment into something out of the storybooks.

Thankfully, there really are some places around to make that come to life. We see most spots across the pond, European castles and homes are breathtaking. But the U.S. isn’t known for those kinds of venues. There are a few though and we’ve compiled a solid list of options for our blushing brides to swoon over. Let’s have a look at 5 castles in the United States to Say your “I do’s” in.

5 Castles in the United States To Say Your “I Do’s”

Belcourt Castle | Newport, RI


Belcourt Castle is nestled in quaint Newport, Rhode Island and it was built in the 1890’s for entertaining. Some of the wealthiest individuals are known for celebrating here as its architecture pays homage to both French influence and the American Freemasons.

Currently, the mansion is being revived to its old glory. Under the supervision of Carolyn Rafaelian, founder – CEO – Chief Creative Officer of ALEX AND ANI, the Belcourt is getting a makeover and a gust of fresh air blown into its history.

Falkenstein Castle | Burnet, TX


Located in Texas Hill Country is the breathtaking Falkenstein Castle. The inspiration behind this U.S.-built beauty sits in Germany, Neuschwanstein Castle. Terry and Kim Young were the mastermind behind its creation.

The Youngs went over to Germany, toured Neuschwanstein, and gathered ideas and inspiration for their countryside version. And within their visit was the discovery of the unmade “Falkenstein” castle that King Ludwig never got to see completed. So, that’s what they did in Texas. They brought it to life.

Fonthill Castle | Doylestown, PA


Fonthill castle was first the home of American archaeologist, Henry Chapman Mercer. Serving as a showplace, it carries a lot of medieval style within its walls.

Of course, there’s an option to rent the castle for your big day. Holding up to 200 guests, you’ll be able to sip on your signature cocktails on the terrace and dance under the chandeliers, which is how they grab all of those princess-dreaming brides.

Thornewood Castle | Lakewood, WA

Thornewood Castle


Thornewood Castle is a Gothic-style estate full of charm and mystery. And it’s 500 years old making it quite the venue for your lavish, wedding celebration.

Rooted in both U.S. and English history, you’ll really feel like royalty (or straight out of a Jane Austen novel) by exchanging vows in or near this stunning piece of architecture. It’s one of the only private castles in the United States and even acts as a world-class bed and breakfast too.

Biltmore Estate | Asheville, NC


Biltmore Estate may be the best known American castle on the list, and also the biggest. There is so much to love about the building itself but the grounds it’s on matches the beauty of the architecture.

Brides will feel like a southern princess, being plucked right out of a Nicholas Sparks’ novel (but with a much better ending this time). Everyone will feel the charm of the city and the luxury of the venue without going too far away from home.



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