4 Beauty Tricks To Remember For Your Big Day

Your wedding day is a celebration and confirmation of your relationship in front of all of your friends and family. It is a humbling and unforgettable experience that you will treasure for the rest of your life. There’s no doubt that the real power of the day comes from the deep commitment that you are making to your life partner, but that doesn’t mean that you should (or are going to) overlook ensuring you are at your most beautiful. Here we take a look at four essential beauty tips you should follow in the lead up to and on the big day to guarantee you will look as picture perfect as you always imagined.

Preparation will save you from stressing on the day

As with most things in life, the key to ensuring your wedding day goes as smoothly as possible is with sufficient planning and preparation. There are a million and one things to be thinking about, we know, so don’t let your beauty regimen be any more stress than it needs to be. These four tricks will help you lock down your wedding look and make sure any potential problems are nipped in the bud long before you ever have to walk down the aisle.

Use a primer

Its unlikely that for any other event you will have worn full makeup for an entire day. Depending upon your wedding location, you may also be exposed to very warm weather or very cold – or a mixture of the two! As such, it’s essential that you start your beauty prep on the morning of your wedding with a good lightweight primer. This will not only ensure that your makeup doesn’t start to slide or wipe off as you move about, but can also help it stop from caking if you need to do a little top-up in the middle of the day. Depending upon the type of skin you have, you will want something oil-free or mattefying.

Practice having your photo taken

This might sound silly, but bear with us. At some point not too long before your big day you will want to get your makeup done just how you want it to look at the wedding. Once this is done, get someone to take lots of pictures of you from all angles – and here’s the crux – with the flash on! We all know how different camera settings can affect the way we look in pictures and you don’t want to be caught out by this a month after the event when your photographer sends you over the pictures. Making sure your foundation still fully blends with your natural skin tone under harsh lighting is essential, as is checking if you need to add a little more or less blush or bronzer.

Visit the hair salon a month in advance

It’s always advisable to get your hair cut about a month prior to your wedding. This gives the freshly cut ends time to settle, as otherwise they can appear a little too blunt and resist styling. For anyone looking to add some color to their hair, the amount of time you leave is somewhat dependent upon the kind of coloring to be done. For instance, if you are coloring your hair brown then you will want to do this about a week before the big day to ensure there isn’t enough time for any roots to grow through, but enough time for the color to settle. Highlights can be done anytime from a few days to two weeks before the wedding; judge the best time for you based upon how fast your hair grows and how light the highlights you want are.

Don’t forget your hands

In the rush to book facials and hair treatments in the run-up to the big day, you can often forget to book one key final appointment: a manicure. Arguably one of the pictures you will treasure most of all is that in which you receive your wedding band. As such, it’s important to make sure your hand and nails are in excellent shape: moisturized, shaped, and painted – either with color or plain varnish. If you are wearing open toed heels or sandals, remember to get a pedicure too!

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