3 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Second Wedding Outdoor Reception

Hosting a second wedding reception can be just as fun as hosting a first one, as long as it is done right. Sure, you don’t have the same stress or same level of expectation, however, you still want to give everyone a night to remember and make sure they’ll all go back home in one piece. In this article, we’re going to give you a few tips on how to organize the perfect outdoor reception for your second wedding. 

Get Ready for Anything Nature Throws your Way

The good news when holding a second wedding reception is that the guest list will usually be less extensive. A plan B could be as simple as moving the celebration to a nearby restaurant or renting a venue that will allow you to use their indoor premises for a reception. Tents are also a must whether you want to create a tented area to protect your guests from heavy wind gusts or keep the party outside if there’s only some minor rain.

Also, if your reception is in the middle of the summer, you should think about having shaded spots for your guests as well. Holding your event in the middle of a field around 8pm when the sun is still up could make things uncomfortable for some of your guests that would like to get out of the tented area. So make sure you take the weather into consideration when choosing a location and putting up tables and seating areas.

Make Sure that the Power Situation is Covered

When it comes to the power supply, you can’t leave things to chance, and even if the venue offers access to electric outlets, you can never be too certain they will hold up. Make sure that you rent a few generators just in case. The last thing you want is your light displays to go out or for the music to stop in the middle of the night, so make sure you have some backup just in case.

Don’t Forget Sanitation

One of the biggest mistakes people make when hosting an outside reception is either having none or insufficient bathroom options for everyone. Some outdoor venues don’t offer indoor bathrooms and personal homes aren’t equipped to handle 100+ guests. 

Guests will have to go to the bathroom, and you need to provide the solution. If you don’t know how many porta potties you should get, one good rule of thumb would be to go for one unit per one hundred guests when looking for porta potty rental for wedding. You should also consider how long the party will be when enquiring about rental fees. A better option may be to choose a custom bathroom trailer if you want your guests to have a nicer space where they’ll be able to freshen up or if you’re hosting a huge party.

Creating the perfect outdoor reception for a second wedding is all about being prepared and making sure everybody’s needs are attended to. These few tips should allow you to exceed yours and your guests’ expectations and give them something to talk about for years to come.


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