10 Elegant, Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings

Looking to dawn a new ring after your 25-year vow renewal? Why not try on an emerald-cut diamond? It’s much more unique than cushion or solitaire rings and these beauties will definitely leave a mark and a memory. Let’s take a peek at some beautiful designs, shall we?

Emerald-Cut Engagement RingsThe emerald-cut diamond is on a pedestal in this design as it’s surrounded by smaller diamonds creating even more sparkle and shine.

Emerald-Cut Engagement RingsSimilar to its predecessor, this diamond has a sharper finish and a more modern style.

Emerald-Cut Engagement RingsThere’s an art decor-inspired adventure wrapped up in this design making it more unique than popular styles.

Emerald-Cut Engagement RingsHere’s a vintage ring that combines a classic cut with a beautiful, feminine design.

Emerald-Cut Engagement RingsThis ring is an absolute stunner, two rows of smaller diamonds creates so much more sparkle.

Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings

This is a more timeless style that blends well with any lady’s personal style and tastes. 

Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings

Big and bold, this ring can easily become a beautiful symbol of your love.

Emerald-Cut Engagement RingsHere’s a simple and sweet design, reminiscent of one of its predecessors, that will never lose it’s beauty as it will always stay timeless.

Emerald-Cut Engagement RingsA sweet cut and a gorgeous placement, we love emerald-shaped diamond set in yellow gold too!

all photos via Brides

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